TV documentary on sexual abuse at Melbourne’s Yeshiva

August 12, 2014 by J-Wire
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A documentary made for ABC-TV on the effect sexual abuse at the Yeshiva College had on Manny Waks…and his family.

Code Of Silence, a one-hour Compass special, follows the parallel journeys of a fervently Orthodox father and his now-secular son, after the son breaks the code of silence in Melbourne’s Orthodox community and goes public with his story of being sexually abused as a student.


Manny Waks

Manny Waks

Manny Waks, who claims he was abused by two employees at his
 Chabad-run centre in the 1980s, demands the perpetrators be brought t o justice, as well as the rabbis who allowed it to happen and those he claims covered it up.
His father Zephaniah claims he has been virtually excommunicated for breaking an ancient Jewish law forbidding Jews from informing secular authorities about other Jews.
He demands his name be publicly cleared or he may be forced to leave the country. We see how this father and son have split this tightly-knit powerful Jewish sect as we open the door into their insular world of study and duty, charity and faith, power and piety.
Will Manny get justice in court? Will the rabbis be held to account? And what price will the father and son pay for blowing the whistle?

Today, Manny Waks runs Tzedek, an advocacy group established to help the victims of child sexual abuse and to explore the dark reasons behind a practice which has been the subject of alleged cover-ups. The film was produced by Dan Goldberg and directed by Danny Ben-Moshe.

The documentary will air at 8:30pm on ABC1-TV this evening.




45 Responses to “TV documentary on sexual abuse at Melbourne’s Yeshiva”
  1. Boris Circle says:

    Well done Otto. You have opened the book of worming discussions about paedophilia in this world and in different communities through your comments. This is what is needed to combat these perverse atrocities. Lets continue these comments in order to improve the world we live in. Yes it is hard sometimes for the police to obtain hard evidence in family situations. Do not worry people will change and laws will change you only need to look at the Rolf Harris case or the Seville perversion. Yes one day I hope we all will be free.

  2. Boris Circle says:

    To Otto Waldmann: The world is a funny place it is full of nice and not so nice people. There are also people like the late Robin Williams who was a genius at the art of comedy and making us so happy with his laughter.Did you know that within family, child sexual abuse is quite significant through all communities in fact it is one in every four. Most of the abused victims tell about their rape or abuse some 40 years later or not at all so most family paedophiles get away scot- free. Anyway I wrote a poem that may have some interest for you. Kind Regards Boris. I hope you also had the time to read my first poem.


    Side faced side and one died,
    But not forever.
    For up sprung a root, dormant,
    But not forever.

    It blossomed in secret,
    But not forever.
    It grew and waited,
    But not forever.

    Side faced side and one died,
    It was not forever.
    For upshot a vengeance,
    To last forever.

    • Otto Waldmann says:

      I don’t usually have conversations with geometric shapes, but Boris, mate, Internet bard, one thing is to use literary licence, another to wallow in self-serving assumptions about “subjects” of your creative juices.
      Some believe that poets are allowed savage “stylistic” acrobatics with centrifugal escapes well beyond the rational horizons and still remain erect logically. I am not that kinda sucker, to be honest.
      Back to earth and our current topic, if you can demonstrate that Robin Williams is related to Manny Waks in ANY respect, I shall reply to you in scant and verse of any measure you want AND make perfect sense.
      As about me helping Manny, oh, yes he’s me china, cracks and all.

  3. Robert Tee says:

    I must take issue with the comments of ‘Otto’ viz ‘The very FACT that the NUMBER of cases elicited in the Jewish community are comparably INSIGNIFICANT to what we have been exposed to in other faiths, shows how morally sturdy Judaism is’.
    This school of this religion has been able to cover it up much more effectively, which is precisely what this program suggested. Seems he thinks that an insignificant number means it’s acceptable? The program only showed the events at ONE school- what of the many others?

    • Otto Waldmann says:

      Once one glorifies the absence of evidence in order to elicit presence of guilt, we arrive at the corollary of the type of “rationale” Many Waks’ ardent supporters deserve in their quest for demonising the entire Jewish community, indeed the whole of Judaism. The Robert Tees of the present hysterical contingent of prejudice have spoken !!!

    • Boris Circle says:

      Robert Tee. I like your comments. The horrors of paedophilia are finally coming out in different religious organization, in family, in scouts etc. Someone wrote the truth hurts and the crime hurts not just the victim but others who are shocked about how this could be. Finally this crime has an openness which it never had before and which it deserves to have. Victims suffer immensely by keeping the crime a secret and surely these people deserve better and do not deserve to suffer any more. And remember if you are abused just once you are marked for life. So no matter what the tide please do not side with the paedophile.

  4. Nadejda Kuznetzova says:

    Following exposure of Catholicism (among others), we now have Judaism exposed. Will more revelations now follow? Nazism/Zionism; European Holocaust/Palestinian Holocaust?
    Jesus exposed hypocrisy of Judaism & was crucified! He was neither Christian nor Jewish but a socialist & for this “crime” he died. I think what we have now is more retribution for “sins of the fathers”! My heart-felt thanks to Manni Wax who as a young boy, endured such degradation but fought back with such admirable success. Like Jesus, he is a man of extraordinary strength & courage to stand alone against such self-righteousness & cowardice. We rarely “know” about such good persons!!

  5. Otto Waldmann says:

    Here is a question for Mr. Many Waks:

    why is it that, while President of the ACT Jewish Community, you did not raise publicly the same issues, but, caused serious frictions when suggested working with palestinian representatives in Australia, contrary to ECAJ’s policy !!??
    How much of a “enfant terrible”, of publicity self-serving stunt was that, not to mention the other organisation you created and introduced into the ACT after your term as President in ACT, again engaging in public posturing of “authority’ against the policies of the same larger Jewish fold ??!!
    How much of a “unorthodox”, provocative and hostile trend is there when it comes to the larger Jewish community !!?? Can we relate all that to events in one’s childhood, including attaining by desire high communal office !!!

  6. Ahava Zi says:

    Well done Manny for having the courage to come out and seek justice. It is a real shame that truth and justice has cost your family so dearly, but does not come as a surprise. Your parents are good people and those who have judged them and mistreated them should hang their heads in shame.
    I was one of the students at Beth Rivkah during the early 90s, a young child, and I remember the “rumours” going around about abuse at Yeshivah. I never imagined you were the victim and we all (young girls) believed that the crime has been dealt with by the teachers and authorities. I found out how wrong and naïve I was when you bravely exposed the truth and I saw your face in an American newspaper in 2011. Continue your amazing work and G-d give you strength and support!

    • Otto Waldmann says:

      Not bad at all , Ahava. So, you spent YEARS at the same Yeshiva and all you can….confirm is ….rumours. I am not saying that Mani is not telling us the truth about the incidents of molestation concerning him, but don’t you think that we need more meet on the bone before we condemn an entire institution and its spiritual guidelines which also looked after you for years, obviously without ANY incident and/or anything beyond “rumours” !!!

      • Ahava Zi says:

        Otto, I don’t think you have an understanding how the Chabad community operates. I grew up in the community and have a bit of an idea. I never said that the I was “not looked after” – I loved my school and would go there again if given the choice today. However, certain things were not dealt with adequately and avoidance of police and “secular” authorities has certainly done some serious damage to a lot of community members. Some things can not be dealt with “internally” and Manny is the product of those actions.

        • Otto Waldmann says:

          Ahava, while dealing with so many “evasives” , including the “bit” of knowledge you allude to, clarity on some essentials is needed.

          There is a justified concern within the Jewish fold, particularly the Orthodox, seen as being far more engaged in Judaic norms than the “other” Jew,that any perceived or confirmed transgression will, inevitably,be treated by the outside , non-Jewish community, with degrees of intolerance which, also inevitably, will lead to highly excessive antisemitic manifestations. There is enough historical evidence to confirm this. Prejudice against the Jew is pervasive, current and serious.
          Cutting to the chase, the Waks case and its two main protagonists have taken their issues outside the Jewish fold in a manner conducive to engaging all those prejudices. The very accusations against Rabbi Glick were deemed false, tendentious and apologies were ordered. Is the Tzedek team going well beyond what a common-sense Jewish community expects !!! It obviously is !!
          I was brought up in the best Jewish ethical context and my entire life has been guided by them. I criticise those Jews who do not observe those principles which define me and the world I think we should aspire to, well in accordance with THE teachings of Judaism.

  7. Lauren Gabriel says:

    Don’t quieter Otto
    It is important that we know who is ultimately responsible for allowing the perpetration and cover up of abuse

    We need to know who is not safe for our kids.

    I sat last night at the event and listened to hundreds not only applaud but apologise for knowing and doing nothing

    I listened to the director say how many more there are but for threats by the community, people like Otto, would not come forward and so their abusers remain free with enablers like Otto to do this again.

    Rabbi Gutnick put it correctly……. We are no different to any other community. One would think we would have handled it better

    Otto is important in ensuring we don’t ever allow a single Jewish child to be touched again and whilst he trivialises the issue in saying it’s not the majority, he shows his true face simply by saying if it’s not a lot it’s not a big deal

    Keep going Otto

    Lastly to the hundreds of Jews and non Jews who sent amazing messages of support to the ABC and to Manny, you have all contributed to the safety of all our children

    • Otto Waldmann says:

      It is also good to know how warped “logic” works.Here’s how:

      – concoct an agenda in which authority is wrong, corrupt, selfserving, pernicious, religious “authority” by far the worst.
      – do not study substance, just acquire basic literacy and go for yours and everybody’s life
      – employ sarcasm and target those who demand that you spend more time studying what the hell you reckon that you are already an impenetrable authority yourself. If a MAN takes you to task, implying less that “authoritative” command of the issue allow your visceral juices to take full control.
      – you cannot make a fool of yourself publicly in your own insulated mind if , as a coda, you place some motherhood musing, motherhood being the MAIN virtue.

      You can now go shopping and have a cappuccino with similarly accomplished buddies and if you scored a 50% off sale at DJ’s at the same time, mission accomplished.

      Lauren darling, I used to write stuff like that well before my barmitzvah and even then I considered it not quite useful for my intellectual profile.
      But, to coin an expression, you DO carry on, Lauren dear…..

    • Nadejda Kuznetzova says:

      But Anton, don’t you think that parents take precedence above “institutions” in role of protector of their own (& even other people’s) children?? If responsible adults cannot protect their own (& any other) children, then it’s a bloody sorry world indeed! “Institutions” are notoriously recognised as dark places where evil potentially lurks. You must know that …… and to reply on help from these places is like “chickens inviting the foxes to lunch in their chicken coop”.

  8. pp et al says:

    Manny has now paved the way for other whistle blowers in other areas outside of religion.

    He’s inspiring to “Freedom fighters” everywhere

    The story has just begun….

    Many Thanks.

    • Boris Circle says:

      PP et my god I think you got it spot on. I hope the story does not just start that it grows and grows like the dormant root that grows and blossoms into the gigantic and colossal tree. I am surrounded by energy and niceties here and now. Thanks but I am naive I do not understand what pp et means.

  9. Robin Wileman says:

    We are a mixed faith family, some Jewish. I was deeply moved by the incredible courage and fortitude shown by the abused son and his sterling parents. That they were effectively outcast by their own ‘tribe’ is tragic for all but also historically common to all faiths who sacrifice individuals in their quest to save their institution from perceived loss and damage to reputation. In this sense Yeshiva and its community are no different from all the other religious bodies that have had to bone up and deal honestly with the crime of sexual assault of children. These children grow to adulthood with many psychological difficulties, which could be ameliorated somewhat if they were shown empathy, understanding and acceptance by members of their community who would be just as distressed, and outraged if a trusted adult were to sexually abuse their child.

    • Otto Waldmann says:

      No kidding, Robin !!! Hundreds and even THOUSANDS of boys over decades raped by their educators in Ireland and in Australia’s Catholic institutions is the same as what we have seen at Yeshivot !!! How good is your maths, how good is your antisemitic prejudice !!!!

      • Nadejda Kuznetzova says:

        Otto: Why accuse Robin of “anti-semitism”? I dislike this term anyway! Google true meaning of “semitic” & educate yourself!! Why do we need to tread softly when we disagree with Zionist/Judaic bad behaviour? Even the Catholics have to face up to criticism in relation to their crimes against children. It does not help anyone to take this criticism personally. We are supposed to be defending children – not cowardly adults!

        • Otto Waldmann says:

          Milaya Nadia, I suggest you take your Dostoyevskian heavy burden of “sin and guilt” to your saintly confessor and spare me your neurotic cries of displeasure at my choice of terms.

      • Robin Wileman says:

        Otto, saying all faiths have this in common does not make one anti-Semitic.

        • Otto Waldmann says:

          But it does, especially when one fails to consider the multitude of stark distinctions in the laundry lists of transgressions. I will repeat that the quantum per faith is essential and here the Church is well above in the lowest ethical stakes. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DEMONSTRATE THAT YOU ARE SMART, and that goes for all those indulging in farcical sophism !!

  10. Paul Kingston says:

    I admire you Manny for your courage and from your suffering helping others. I believe that God will also honour your mother and father, who despite the obvious faith crisis chose you, their child, over servitude to religious doctrine,tradition and culture. The last place you would expect to find abuses in all its kinds is in Faith Communities. Sad to see the spiritual abuse that religious community can dish out as punishment. We have it all in the protestant tradition too. I want to say that I have met a number of people in my journey who actively live their lives modelling the love and spirit of God,your mother and father are now added to this list in my mind.
    regards Paul

  11. gina says:

    Otto….you’re comments are disturbing.

    Manny is a true mensch.

    He has made Melbourne a safer place for all of us to live in.

    I hope the whole Jewish diaspora is very proud of this man and the decency of his family.

  12. Julie Williams says:

    I was interested that the perpetrator who moved to the US was arrested and incarcerated very quickly in the US, while he got away with multiple abuse for a long time in Australia. Why the cultural difference?

  13. Robert Tee says:

    A very sad story. What these people do in the name of religion is beyond belief.
    It seems it applies to all religions,except this one seems to pretend it doesn’t happen in theirs in spite of the evidence. Those in charge of the cover-ups should also be charged for covering it up and doing nothing to stop it.I have great admiration for Manny Waks and his family; none at all for the so-called religious ‘leaders’.

    • Nadejda Kuznetzova says:

      Where have you been during exposure re sexual molestation of children by Catholic priests? Catholic priests were in denial for years & years and those in hierarchy lied “on the bible” & tried to hide the perpetrators – all in defence of their institution & in cowardly denials that such evil is not endemic in Catholicism. I’ve concluded that this is a natural occurrence in humans but is not acceptable to those of us who recognise it as evil.

  14. Joyce Denham says:

    I watched the program with Manny and his father. I was struck by his unconditional love his father had for Manny and also his mother. They are an inspiration and Manny is strong too. It’s so hard to bring justice. I am watching my former Principal get off 16 sex abuse charges in my Catholic School here inPerth. It divides community. The victims become ostracised. But stay stron God and justice will help. I hope Mr Yacks gets better in hospital and just to day his mother is beautiful …. Keep strong all of youxx my prayers Joyce Denham, Perth Western Australia.

    • Otto Waldmann says:

      Hey Joyce, love, watch the story again, it reveals how that loving dad kicked his son out of the house , but they made peace in order to make war with the Yeshiva. What a loving brood…….

      • Andrew Dixon says:


        Watch the story again. It reveals that a father kicked his son out of the house because his behavior did not conform to personal and religious values. I’m sure that you will not agree, but the sexual abuse suffered at school most probably led to this behavior. The son was back at home, albeit living in the attic, when they “made peace”.

        While I’m at it “Hey Joyce love” Really??

        • Otto Waldmann says:

          Andrew ( on behalf of Joyce, I presume ) your impromptu psychoanalysis session does not quite wash with me. Our boy was kicked out by his own father, period. .The “excuse” that he did not observe certain mores is as pissweak as all your other arguments.
          I must emphasise strongly and repeatedly that I am talking about the EXTENTION of a serious personal problem onto an entire community which is NOT defined by the protection of anything unethical. The very FACT that the NUMBER of cases elicited in the Jewish community are comparably INSIGNIFICANT to what we have been exposed to in other faiths, shows how morally sturdy Judaism is. In their expanded charges at the Royal Commission, both Waks protagonists besmirched the ENTIRE Jewish faith and, to mine, that is not acceptable. To those not sharing the same religious beliefs queuing up to have a go at Judaism , there is a tangible degree of equivalence with the other faith ghastly record of the same criminal practices.I will venture that prejudice has the better of them and embracing one individual’s story gives them that farcical notion that “all humans behave the same etc.”
          Well, I am telling them that, while transgressions “humanum sunt” ( in fact not at all “humanum” ) Judaism has the virtues of etching strong ethical virtues. Rabbi Gutnick observes those virtues while admonishing those FEW who would have done better to consult wider within the learned fraternity. Yet, I will not allow one victim to cast aspersions on an entire set of values because he is “broyges”, upset. The older chap must explain why he has ended up practically abandoned by almost his own entire loving family, the largest in our community !!! Read, once again, his deposition at the Royal Commission. I have no sympathy for him and so seem a lot of those who must know him much more intimately, his own mishpuha ( family ) !!!

          • Andrew Dixon says:


            I can not question your view that the entire Jewish community has been attacked. I am not part of the community so cannot judge. I do not question your assertion that the Jewish community has a much better record in sexual assault cases than other religions. It would not be hard from what we have seen recently.

            What I saw was that several incidents had taken place and the response by Yeshiva College was inadequate. The abused person then took steps to get a better response. That the abused person and some of their family may be reacting negatively towards the Jewish faith or some individuals within that faith is not surprising. It is a religious school after all. That this should result in wagon circling/repel boarders panic by yourself and others is to my mind surprising. Any faith should be able to acknowledge abhorrent behavior from with in its ranks and cope with the backlash from those effected without feeling the need to fight back.

            My comment regarding Joyce related to the rude “put down” manner with which you addressed her. Symptomatic with most of your posts in my view.

            Whilst I’m sure you will reply, this is my last post.

            • Otto Waldmann says:

              Almost half way there, Andrew.
              Again, careful detail gathering is essential when a large and complex entity is attacked.
              The documentary itself did show that the current high Rabbinical quarters are addressing these issues with the ethical dedication expected. Considering that Rabbi Moishe Gutnick, for example represents the very same Orthodox strain as the Rebbonim who received some flack for not following thoroughly the initial complaints ( while Police were acting in exactly the same manner, but we did not see any gesture of “redemption” from them, nor were they criticised by anyone for it !!!!)and that NO changes in spiritual content exist between what is alleged to be said by the late Rabbi Glick and today’s Rabbi Gutnick, one must conclude that the Jewish faith which has been unfairly attacked by the Waks in this instance, is completely redeemed. Right here , on Jwire anyone can find numerous articles confirming that, without the help of Tzedek , Melbourne’s and Sydney’s Jewish communities have been engaged in solid programmes of preventing any kind of child abuse – sexual or not – within the educational structure and beyond. The ABC documentary conveniently avoided these facts and peddled on one mainstream topic, the extensive ravages besetting one person and his father.
              This is not fair, once again, to the community I proudly belong to, one that would not refuse to call to the Torah on a jahrzeit !!
              Vale Andrew !!!!

      • Nadejda Kuznetzova says:

        Yes, Otto, I agree with you here but didn’t want to mention his family situation because it would take away the positive actions of Manni, despite the fact that both his parents seemed to have their own private, selfish agendas in ignoring signs of Manni’s sexual abuse. I aqree it was/is? a dysfunctional family! If my son had exhibited such signs of trauma I would have investigated & if even some truth had prevailed, I’d have immediately reported to police. However Manni’s mum & dad put their community status above their children! I could never do that!

  15. Boris Circle says:

    A Heart’s-Peace where I deserve to be free: 12/08/2014. Written after watching the TV program. As a non Yew I was touched emotionally.

    I am a Yew and I am angry,
    I am in Australia but I am not free.

    I usually cry more than I can smile,
    As I have been dealt a savage blow by a Jewish paedophile.

    But I am a person that has come to his senses,
    And it’s hard to believe most of my people’s harsh reactions and sentences.

    My mind is shredded, my people shun me,
    I am bedded by those people who mock me.

    I cry for my parents, I cry for all others who
    have been raped and who are now my brothers.

    Yes I am a Yew and I am angry,
    I am waiting for justice so we ALL can be free.

    But one day in our fight, it will end, and we will win,
    And the others will pay for their sin.

    I beseech you please do not hide behind a cloak or an aisle,
    Please do not hide and take the side of the paedophile.

    Yes I am a Yew and I am angry,
    All I want is A Heart’s-Peace where I deserve to be free.

    Please pass on this poem to Manny Waks

  16. Otto Waldmann says:

    Tzedek are also extremely skillful at exploiting any moral issue which would give him and some of the more intimate members of the leading mishpuha farcical leverage over some old tiffs they have with the larger Yeshiva community in Melbourne and even beyond.
    Recently I found myself on a website controlled by a groisse macher of the group. It was on the eve of Shavuot. The protagonist was fishing for sympathy re the tormented life experienced. We learnt that the character could not bring himself to attend Shul, but his children were encouraged to do so, thus impressing on the brood the serious state of mind this religious practices drove him into. I observed then, that this was a gesture of cruel hypocrisy and described the well documented history of one family bringing disgrace to the Jewish community at a public inquiry on child abuse. I was cut out at once, as critical and realistic comments do not sit well with those manipulating emotions. Later the same one posted that he attended Synagogue and “survived it”…..a pathetic grab at more supportive emotions. Child abuse is the most horrific of crimes, abusing people’s emotions in order to denigrate an entire religion’s practice, associating it with terrible transgressions, is even worse.

    • Andrew Dixon says:

      It would seem that the comments made by Otto Waldmann above are typical of the style of response reported in tonight’s program. There is no recognition of the desperate harm done to these children or that a religious organization, like many others unfortunately, had a responsibility in this harm. There is only an desperate defense of the Jewish religion, which as a non-Jewish observer, was not under attack anyway. If matters such as this cannot be brought into the open within what appears to be a strong community then there is something very wrong with that community.
      I seldom submit a comment to forums such as this, but was truly moved by what I saw tonight.

      • Otto Waldmann says:

        Andrew Dixon, it is incumbent on one to somehow formerly acquaint oneself with at least a modicum of knowledge about a matter under discussion. Just because one is literate it does not make what’s written in proper syntax acceptable in substance.
        My principal criticism of the manner in which the Waks story unfolded by the ABC was precisely the effect it was MEANT to have on people such as an Andrew Dixon or a David Pugh and I was , sadly, vindicated.
        To be honest, I was also moved by the trauma experience by those children, later adults, who experienced sexual abuse, but, to expand ISOLATED events into a large scale admonition of an entire religion, be it at some levels, as indicated by the story, is tantamount to grossly unfair, unrealistic and smacks, in this case, of very personal vindictive agendas cum publicity obsession by some individuals at the expense of a very respectable set of beliefs and practices. Those anxious to have their two bob share of wit and wisdom need educating beyond and above the knee jerk level.

    • David Pugh says:

      On the one hand the writer describes child abuse(I think he means child sexual abuse) as the most horrific of crimes and then says abusing people’s emotions in order to denigrate an entire relions’s practice is worse. Logically if some practice is worse than child sexual abuse then according to the writer it cannot be the most horrific of crimes.
      Leading aside the stupidity of his comments, there is no doubt for thinking and compassionate people sexually abusing little children is the worst of crimes.

      Having just watched the programme, I am full of admiration for the Wak’s family. Shame on the Jewish community for treating them so badly and defending the indefensible.

      • Joyce Denham says:

        wonderful courageous people who need 100% support and love be brave! keep strong…

      • Otto Waldmann says:

        Some comments make me Pugh especially when they derive from wanton ignorance of the case per se, but anxious to be seen in print because one reckons that is smart enough to make an impact. WRONG !!!!
        The Waks saaga has been going on for years and one of the main features was the well publicised, here on Jwire in full, depositions of both Waks, Jnr and Snr. In those lengthy narratives the ENTIRE Judaic religion and its traditional practices – particularly at the Orthodox level – were given the most outrageous “critical scrutiny” a dedicated antisemite could have mastered, all thanks to the “victims” in the tale, yes, the Waks.
        For me to exceed a superlative is but a figure of speech, for David Pugh to barge in on some selfproclaimed moral molehill , it exceedes reason, commonsense. Last night’s doco did not dwell excessively on the Chabad community and its “peculiarities”, thank G-d, but serious inferences were made that this would be a community which does not function on ethics we all should observe and that is totally false and irresponsible. For the record, the Jewish community NEVER condoned child abuse of any kind, sexual or whatever and the documentary did not elicit any such feature at all. Interpretations of certain traditional practices to the convenience of the main thread of the story , tendentious as they were, mislead the uniformed outsider, obviously David Pugh being a star representative of it. One could also take a more serious look at the AJN and the sensationalist angle they so “professionally” adopted, no doubt an – unintentional I hope – aid in encouraging opinions laced with just a bit of semitic prejudice ( read “anti” ).Thus, David Pugh you are not contributing anything constructive if ethics are to prevail. A certain Melb. family has gone out of its way to take a Synagogue tiff ….out of its normal procedures and the result is evident in the recourse….lonely Shabbos at the largest Jewish family. Something must have gone wrong there, me thinks…….

        • Anton Levi says:

          Comment on anything you like, even if it irrelevant to the topic at hand.
          Question anyone’s motives/morals you feel it necessary to.
          Play the discrimination card if you like.
          Pretend that you are the one that has been hurt.
          If an institution cannot stand up to, or is unwilling to undergo, scrutiny then what positive can be said of that institution?
          Note that failing to act on a wrongdoing when action was clearly required IS condoning that wrongdoing.

          But don’t you dare blame the victims (or their families) for the failure of an institution to protect those who are its duty to protect.

          • Otto Waldmann says:

            Anton, keep the “don’t you dare” for those you enjoy imposing your twisted “rationale” on and , further, read more carefully what I said in regards to the extent to which the three members of that family out of over twenty, with spouses and children, have used a serious transgression within a small group of people in order to cast blame on an entire religion. The ABC story is only one fragment of the entire story and I have mentioned a few times other salient points known to those ( like myself ) who have followed the trajectory of the case over the past few years.
            As about the fresh faces anxious to draw parallels between Judaism and other faiths involved in the same abhorrent crimes, some by the power of THOUSANDS times more, I owe prejudice no explanation and, most definitely, no apologies.
            If anyone is interested in what the entire Jewish community, NOT just Tzedek, are engaged in in regards to these issues, then take the trouble ( once again !!!) to check the vast “literature” on the subject, ALL OF IT available right here on J-wire !!! And then come back to me !!! Meanwhile, farcical posturing has no dignity.
            As a matter of habit, the main protagonist in the saaga, Mr. Many Waks ,sits on the sidelines watching how passionate supporters are doing his biding… is so boring to see it time and again. Unless he controls the site he wont come anywhere near me.
            You know what, as a child I was also molested exactly the same way on crowded public transport, for instance, disgusted and took whatever defense measures as well as encountered attempts by known paedofiles whom I fought back and then publicly shamed them. Meanwhile normal life, married, proud father the lot. But, hey that’s just me !!!! I do accept that Many Waks has been seriously affected by what happened to him, but attacking an entire community is not on !!!!

            • Anton Levi says:

              Otter, please excuse my late reply.

              I am a loss as to how to respond to your logically flawed response that seems to want to justify the unjustifiable.

              Anyhow, that you consider bringing to justice those who commit crimes against children something to be avoided (because you apparently believe some group would rather not have any of its members judged) is abhorrent in the extreme.

              Perhaps you should consider refraining from continue to attack the victim(s) and display some compassion.

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