Eleven organisations object to Feiglin views

October 9, 2015 by J-Wire Staff
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Eleven Jewish organisations have publicly objected to the views of Israeli right-wing politician Moshe Feiglin…a self-confessed “proud homophobe” scheduled to speak at meetings in Australia.

According to media reports, Feiglin has been brought to Australia by Chabad’s Beis Chabad Ohel Deborah based  in Melbourne.

Moshe Feiglin

Moshe Feiglin

The Sydney Morning Herald has reported that Feiglin was banned from entering the U.K. in 2008 for fostering hatred. The paper also described Feiglin as being “a vocal supporter of Israeli settlements  and an advocate for reclaiming Gaza.

Fairfax Media reports that Feiglin has claimed to have “softened his position” on homosexuality but also reports that in August he argued that the “culture” of homosexuality threatened the status of the family and recently branded a gay parade in Jerusalem “a clear example of coercion”.

The Australia/Israel and Jewish Affairs Council’s executive director Dr Colin Rubenstein told J-Wire: “Having left the Likud under duress after his repeated attempts to drag the party to his extreme rightist positions failed and, revealingly, unwelcomed by other right-wing parties, Moshe Feiglin is no longer a Member of the Knesset and currently heads a self-styled political party with few supporters.

His declining political career has been marred by notoriety and controversy, and his presence in Australia does not make any positive contribution to peaceful dialogue, Australia-Israel relations or shared interests, and we therefore repudiate and dissociate ourselves from his offensive views on a whole range of issues.”

AIJAC was not a signatory to the media release

Eleven Jewish and Zionist organisations in Australia from across the religious, political and social spectrum have come together to issue a statement regarding former Likud MK Moshe Feiglin’s visit to Australia this month.

“Moshe Feiglin’s views on women, homosexuality and Palestinian citizens of Israel are inconsistent with Jewish values. They have no place in a modern democracy such as Israel that was established on the principle of respecting the human rights of all its minorities.”


The following organisations have signed on to the statement:

  • Aleph Melbourne
  • Ameinu Australia
  • Australian Reform Zionist Association
  • Habonim Dror Australia
  • Hashomer Hatzair Australia
  • Hineni Australia
  • Keshet Australia
  • Netzer Australia
  • New Israel Fund Australia
  • Progressive Judaism Victoria
  • Shira Hadasha Synagogue

In addition, a number of the organisations’ leaders have commented:

Dr Ilana Snyder, President of New Israel Fund Australia, said: “The views of many people in the Australian Jewish community do not line up with Moshe Feiglin’s which is why it is important to point out when such anti-democratic values are being promoted. NIF is working hard in Israel to bring different sectors together, promote shared society and coexistence, and uphold the values of the Declaration of Independence.”

Johnny Baker, President of Ameinu Australia, said: “Whilst we respect the right of different voices to be heard in our community, we are equally concerned that the impending visit of Israeli extremist, Moishe Feiglin, will bring the Jewish community into disrepute and play into the hands of our adversaries.”

Daniel Stiglec, Meta’em (Vice President & Community Liason) of Hashomer Hatzair, said: “Hashomer Hatzair Australia believes Moshe Feiglin’s views about minority groups in Israel are divisive and detrimental to the character of the Jewish State. Whilst he has the right to freedom of speech, we condemn his views and would like to highlight the fact that these are not the views of Australian Jewry and the larger Israeli mainstream society.”

Shira Appelboom, Federal Mazkira (Chairperson) of Netzer Australia, said: “Moshe Feiglin’s disrespect for marginalised groups in Israel goes against Netzer Australia’s fundamental beliefs in equality and respect for all human life. Though he is entitled to his views, we strongly believe they are an obstacle to the pursuit of peace and democracy in Israel.”

Brian Samuel, President of Progressive Judaism Victoria, said: “We are concerned about Mr Feiglin’s visit to Melbourne. He is a disruptive person in the Jewish world and shares few values with the Jewish community.”

Jonathan Barnett, President of Keshet Australia, said: “The board of Keshet Australia, wishes to express our concern regarding the proposed visit by Mr Feiglin to Australia. Keshet aspires to encourage and teach inclusivity. Mr Feiglin’s philosophy is diametrically opposed to our core values. Mr Feiglin has expressed views which seek to oppose the inclusivity and rights of GLBT Jews. Keshet Australia believes his views are damaging and hurtful to people here and in Israel. We feel it is incumbent on us to highlight to the greater community that such views are not held or supported by most Jewish people in Australia or elsewhere.”

Barbara Ford, Acting President of the Australian Reform Zionist Association (ARZA), said: “ARZA Australia supports discussion about sensitive issues in Israel, including the treatment of minorities, the status of women and the issues of pluralism and sexual orientation. However, such discussions should be respectful and focussed on constructive dialogue. It is highly questionable if the views and presentation of Moshe Feiglin meet these basic criteria.”


46 Responses to “Eleven organisations object to Feiglin views”
  1. Michael Burd says:

    Henry I support the great work Colin and AIJAC do concerning
    Israel .
    Som times friends disagree on this
    Occasion Colin is wrong and I suspect
    Under pressure from some leftists within
    I believe in feeding the anti Zionist Fairfax press with attacks
    Against fellow Jews they are damaging the
    AIJAC brand .
    Do AIJAC issue statements to the anti Israel Fairfax press distancing themselves From visiting lefist Israelis
    Bashing Israelis .

  2. Leon Poddebsky says:

    The young Arab who knifed to death two Jews in the old part of Jerusalem is going to be awarded “an honorary doctorate of law” by “the ‘Palestinian’ Bar Association.”

    Will any Jewish lawyer who happens to belong to any of these eleven organisations utter even a whisper of protest about this?

    BTW, the “Palestinian Bar Association” receives money from the UN and the European Union. I guess that’s because their standards of justice and jurisprudence are identical.

  3. Leon Poddebsky says:

    Has even one of these organisations protested loudly against the current murderous Arab campaign against Israeli Jews- a mother and father murdered in front of their children, who survived only because one of the Arabs unintentionally shot an accomplice, causing them to panic and flee- numerous knifings and attempted knifings-
    rockets from Gaza-

    Has even one of these organisations protested against the incitement to murder that is being perpetrated daily by “the Palestinian Authority” and by Arab members of Israel’s parliament?

    Has even one of them protested about the Arab controllers of the Temple Mount precinct harassing and threatening Jewish visitors there?

    Has even one of these organisations protested about the immoral and unprofessional and antisemitic manner in which many media people have treated this murderous onslaught?

  4. Leon Poddebsky says:

    The way in which the Western enemies of the Jews and of Israel have reacted to the current “Palestinian” Arab murder spree of Israeli Jews once again demonstrates that no matter how “nice” and civilised and liberal and progressive some Jews strive demonstratively to be, nothing any one of us does will ever please the haters.
    Arabs are murdering Jews in broad daylight in Israel’s capital and Western media’s reporting effectively inverts that fact.

    That is partly a consequence of the 2,000 year-old conditioning of the West to a former reality where it was always the Jews who were supposed to be the victims.
    Well now that reality has been radically changed by Israel’s defence capacity, and this has created a huge psychological problem in the sick minds of many in the West. “How dare the Jews kill Arab knifers?” goes the reasoning. “That’s not what is supposed to happen according to our 2,000 year-old script!”

  5. Michael Burd says:

    If you an Israeli academic invited here by the progressives to bash Israel you will get the Red carpet treatment by the Jewish community and we will be told under diversity all views should be heard .
    However if you are Mordechai Kedar or Raphael Israeli world renown Israeli experts on Islam the mainstream Jewish communal organisations will shun them .{ both previous Guests on radio program Nothing Left ]

    Never thought I would see the day that AIJAC would join the left wing looneys and support the idea of shutting down debate, and censorship.

    • Geoff Seidner says:

      Look at it this way Michael Burd: Moshe Feiglin has plainly done what amounts to an essential copy of Don Chip’s actions in creating The Democrats which remained a thorn for Fraser and John Howard for years,

      Why did Colin R not ramble as above against the late Don Chip?
      In this context – someone explain Colin’s diatribe?

      And for AIJAC to be in unison with the rag – tag entities above – including NIF?
      OH – and Jeniffer Huppart as well joined the marauders of political correctness belatedly.


      What a grandiose waste of neurons!!
      This is sad…. did we really win those Nobel prizes?

    • Henry Herzog says:

      This shows how dumb the right is: Because Colin Rubenstein says he disagrees with Feiglin’s views, according to Mr Burd, he has joined the left-wing looneys and is now trying to shut down debate. So where is the debate Mr Burd? It seems that the only proper debate is when all parties agree with Burd.

      • BARRY MOND says:

        Whether or not one agrees with the sentiments expressed by Moshe Feiglin, at least he, unlike you or me for that matter Henry Herzog, is living in Israel and putting his life on the line while we sit in the comfort of our homes in relatively peaceful, Melbourne Australia.

        Moshe Feiglin is a stanch defender of Israel and her population.
        He wants to see Israel, thrive, grow, and more importantly, survive against the Muslim terrorists lead by Mahmoud Abbas and Khaled Meshal who seek to wipe Israel off the face of the earth along with all her Jewish citizens.

        To compare him as you did with David Irving and Tobin those Jew hating low life’s who both deny the holocaust and would realise a life-long dream were Israel and her Jewish population eliminated, is testament to how deep into the sewer you will go in order to attack an individuals right to express an opinion.

        You should forever hang your head in shame.

  6. Eion Isaac Israel says:

    Even in Israel the Security Parties regard Feiglin as obnoxious an agent of provocation.
    Netanyahu hardly on the left has worked hard with others in Likud to have Feiglin Marginalised .
    In the present crises PM of Israel Netanyahu has called for a National Unity government with Zionist Unity Party led by Herzog .
    Netanyahu and many in Likud want to get rid of the Sicarri Price Tag Extreme for the Tough and Sane .

    • Geoff Seidner says:

      Oh dear – I missed this guy.

      Eion Isaac Israel

      He will keep for another day?
      LOOK AT HIS ”Price Tag Extreme” phrase – a classical phrase of our enemies.\

  7. Henry Herzog says:

    Good for you Colin Rubenstein and the other real people to condemn those ultra-right wing views. And wiith the ultra orthodox in on the act, where they should be preaching love, they are preaching hatred, not only against Israel’s enemies but Jews who happen to have different views to their’s.
    We are taugth that the destruction of our Temple and our expulsion from Israel was as a result of hatred towards each other, and we haven’t learnt a thing. So what’s next?

  8. Malvina Malinek says:

    If the SZCV at BW would have invited him to air his views, R or L, it would not matter. However, h is speaking in the Chabad-environment and that constituency who brought him out will no doubt come to listen to him. They probably share his views on a number of issues, but as far as I am concerned he does not interest me as a person of note to whom it is worth listening to.

    • Geoff Seidner says:

      I wish you well Malvina in your dotage: there were days when you would not have written what amounts to simple contradictions.


    • Henry Herzog says:

      Good for you Malvina. This either you’re with us or your against us mentality has no place in free democratic discourse. They call it free speech – I call it propaganda.

  9. Maxine Finberg says:

    I agree with Andrew Barak. Freedom of speech is allowing both Naomi Chazan and Moshe Feiglin to state their opinions.
    The same goes for the Australian Government giving visas to radical Muslim extremists to spew their hate in mosques and to Geert Wilders.

  10. Robert Hammer says:

    I am in shock and outrage, not at Mr. Moshe Feiglin but rather than other people/organizations with their own polictical agendas wishing to tell me what I can or cannot listen to or believe in. Democracy means toleration for the left and the right not just those you approve off. I heard him and believe people should be able to hear his point of view and make their own decision.

  11. Leon Poddebsky says:

    Whether one accepts or rejects some or all of Moshe Feiglin’s views, one is struck by these organisations’ panic-stricken scuttling away into sanctuary holes.
    It’s clear that they fear a backlash on all Jews, so they think that their manifesto will give them immunity from the opprobrium which will be heaped upon “the Zionists” by self-righteous Australians, some of whose “best friends are Jews.”

    You know, those people who have no qualms about doing business with and acting as agents for regimes that deprive both their indigenous as well as ethnic minority populations of basic human rights, but are people who are always on the lookout for opportunities to bait the Jews.
    One particular Labor Party luminary comes to mind,( not that the phenomenon is party-specific.)

  12. BARRY MOND says:

    A correction.

    Zvi Kedar’s name is actually Mordechai. He is the Professor of the Department of Arabic Studies at Bar Illan University.

    He was recently interviewed by Al Jazeera in Arabic which he speaks fluently.

    He mounted a wonderful defense as to why Jerusalem belongs to the Jews.

    The interview is a must see for all those who believe in free speech and that Jerusalem was, is, and always will be the Capitol of Israel.

    He also answers questions about the legality of settlement building.

    It can bee seen on the Israel Video Network. It is conducted in Arabic with English sub-titles.

    What is more to the point, is that Al Jazeera had no issue interviewing Professor Kedar and giving him the opportunity to express his opinions, but he wasn’t allowed to speak at Caulfield Shul.

  13. BARRY MOND says:

    When Extreme Left wing anti-Israel commentator and former Haaretz Editor the late David Landau visited Australia a few years ago, he was invited to speak at the CHC under the Presidency of Robert Weil, who is well known for his right wing views.

    Mr. Weil was under enormous pressure not to allow Landau to speak, however, Mr. Weil displayed the true meaning of inclusiveness and free speech by not bowing to this pressure.

    The hypocrisy of the Left is mind blowing, and they could learn a great deal from people like Robert Weil.

    Unlike Mr. Weil, and Michael Burd and Allan Freedman through their radio program, the Left are all for free speech as long as that speech reflects their leftist ideological views.

    What I really found disgusting, was the the fact that Mizrachi decided to “uninvite”, a better term would be ban, Moshe Feiglin from addressing their Congregants.

    This so called bastion of Ortrhodox Zionism, should hang its collective head in shame at this banning.

    Of course, they are not alone in banning Right Wing speakers.

    The Rabbi of CHC, Rabbi Ralph Genende who also espouses values of inclusiveness and free speech, decided to ban Religious Israeli Zionist Zvi Kadar from addressing our Shul at Seudah Shlishit.

    Mr. Kadar was going to speak about the dangers of Muslim extremism. Obviously not a topic that sits well with those on the Left, be they Rabbis or lay people.

    At least Mizrachi didn’t ban him too.

    I attended David Landaus’ speech which he delivered following the leining on Shabbat, and standing in front of the Aaron Hakodesh.

    He actually delivered a very nice Dvar Torah, but did throw in a point of view to which he adhered. I did not agree with his point of view and would have liked the opportunity to discuss it with him, however that was not possible at the time.

    Every single one of the groups who signed the letter, would consider themselves to be the epitome of virtuosity.

    And yet, many of them espouse views which are virulently anti-Israel and give great comfort to those who seek the destruction of our Homeland.

    Those among them like Hineni who supposedly do not espouse such views, have allowed themselves to be dragged into the mud by those who do, and are discredited by joining the Left Wing hypocritical organisations who are signatories to this letter.

  14. Geoff Seidner says:


    Verily I insist: this is surely NOT a list of those who are mainstream pro – Israel groups.

    And I note with curiosity Colin Rubenstein’s almost poison pen comments: why Colin?

    I chose my words carefully with due consideration to ensure publication.

    Then one could wonder about some entities per above who have frequently lacerated Israel at every opportunity and are indeed major players – OF THE ENEMIES – OF – ISRAEL KIND.
    Or those who have strong views on matters not important.

    When Feiglin’s views are closely examined he can be seen as being in favour of nice Jewish gays and the girl – people getting to know each other.
    This is my only attempt here at parody.

    I have yet to see how the gay lobby can seeminglkt forever claim victimhood – against all the evidence.

    It is now an advantage to be a gay aboriginal with anti – Israel view….


    This is the way of the world: the noisy motivated minority will outnumber us.
    Here and elsewhere.


  15. Alan Freedman says:

    These eleven organisations are doing exactly what Leftist organisations always do, and that is try to shut down debate whenever someone with differing views to their own comes along.

    The Left hold a smug, morally superior view of the world and always resort to labels and epithets rather than arguing their point.

    This is nothing more than a demonstration of intellectual weakness.

    • Henry Herzog says:

      So now even Colin Rubenstein is a lefty and as such an enemy of Israel; suriosly, how can anyone take you seriosly.

      • Alan Freedman says:

        Henry, please be accurate; I was referring to the eleven left wing organisations and their knee-jerk criticism of Feiglin and did NOT label Colin Rubenstein as a lefty or enemy of Israel.

        I am a big fan of AIJAC, although on this occasion I don’t agree with Colin.

        I have heard Feiglin speak about his policies (have you?) and don’t know why he is labelled as an extremist – he has a Torah based view regarding Israel which will appeal to some and be rejected by others.

        He takes a religious view on homosexuality not dissimilar to religious Christians which is obviously controversial these days, and holds that Arabs living in Israel should be expected to be loyal to their country.

        All of this is routine political discourse, so why are those eleven organisation up in arms? The answer is that the left assume a moral superiority and believe they know what’s best for everyone else.

        In a democracy people have the right (within limits) to speak freely and try to convince others of their view. Shutting down debate by applying pejorative labels doesn’t edify you or any of the others who do it.

        • Henry Herzog says:

          Alan, I am not trying to shut down debate, as you say, I am just trying to contribute to it. And as for pejorative labelling, I believe you do an exemplary job of that.

          • Henry Herzog says:

            Alan, it appears from Michael Burd’s comments that he takes a much stronger view of the “treachery” of Colin Rubenstein to yours. Perhaps Burd will soon be accusing you of taking the side of the left-wing looneys.

      • Henry Herzog says:

        I appreciate that Colin Rubenstein’s organization wasn’t on the list of the 11 groups, but it’s clear from what he said about Mr Feiglin that he too opposes Feiglin’s views.

  16. Rami Reed says:

    If the NIF anti Israel lobby don’t like Feiglin, I’m for him.

  17. Paul Winter says:

    Feiglin is indeed on the far right.So what? He is as entitled to his views as those on the far left.

    Feiglin’s views on the Arabs who call themselves Palestinian is perfectly sensible. It may be a view that is rejected by delusional people, but it is reality based. The two-state solution is dead, in fact it was still born when Oslo 2 was signed. The decent thing to do is to buy it rather than doing the politically correct but unJewish act of necromancy.

    It is said that Feiglin’s views on homosexuality have softened. Have they? Who cares. He does not like homosexuals parading. Fine, he does not have to attend.

    Dr Rubenstein’s views are immaterial. Anyone reading the Australia Israel Review will not the AIJAC is a pedlar of the two-state myth.

    The signatories to the statement are beyond belief! We have Jews murdered in Israel, a junior jihadi murders a man in Sydney, the Islamic Research and Educational Academy holds a session in Deakin uni and they say nothing, but start baying about a Feiglin’s attitude to homosexuals and women. Errh, what did Feiglin say about women?

    The statement is a sad reflection of a nasty social trend where the politically correct want to shout down anyone who does not toe their line. Feiglin is not coming to talk to Progerssive Jews, but to Chabbad. Don’t like him? Don’t go to his talk.

    And if the NIF is opposed to Feiglin, I’m for him. I believe Israel is living up to the promise of its Declaration of Indepence. I’ve read the document and I deplore NIF’s distorted interpretation of it.

    • Geoff Seidner says:

      You have to appreciate Paul that the term ”FAR RIGHT” has connotations in history.

      It suits the left to abuse these connotations because in this way they can effectively make the NAZI COROLLARY without spelling it out.

      Because the FAR RIGHT PHRASE has become so ubiquitous – we should be careful and perhaps use alternatives – like ”CONSERVATIVE VALUES”

      No doubt this is potentially prolix with multiple layers.
      Your comments are sound – you do not need my compliments.

  18. Andrew Barak says:

    I didn’t see a list of Jewish organisations issue statements and objections when Naomi Chazan was brought by organisations who support her views. Yet there are many organisations that would consider her views extremist, divisive, destructive, not in line with Jewish values, not constructive, not in sync with the majority of Australian Jews etc etc.

    These organisations cannot have it both ways. Free speech is OK until such time as the views of that free speech don’t sit comfortably with their ideals and therefore need to be shut down…..

  19. Bella Ceruza says:

    The difference between Israeli society and Israel’s Arab neighbours is that Israel ostracized Moshe Feiglin, but if he held his views in Arab society he’d be called a moderate.

    SMH staff must be creaming their pants at the opportunity to deride Feiglin. If only the SMH wrote about the contrast between Israel and her Arab neighbours with respect to the fact that Israel functions as an egalitarian society – women, LGBTs and all ethnicities are equally protected by law. Arabs have held high office.

    Jews who don’t ignore molehills such as Feiglin’s visit and contribute to the media’s antiIsrael opportunity should hang their idiotic heads in shame.

  20. Fiona Sweet Formiatti says:

    Feiglin does not represent ‘diversity’: he represents an extremist, divisive view. He will do our Jewish community in Australia harm. His extremist views will be used by our enemies to attack us. The UK kept him out. We need to do the same.

  21. michael Polke says:

    I would still like to hear him (Moshe Feiglin)

  22. Rami Reed says:

    I suggest these organizations stop crawling to those who hate us and Let the Australian community come to it’s own conclusions
    I bet the Muslims would not have condemned an anti semitic Muslim speaker.

  23. Rabbi Pinchos Woolstone says:

    Let him speak in Australia and the community can respond.
    Australia is a robust democracy,it can handle diversity.
    I am sure Feiglin will not be as controversial as some groups hope.

    • Michael Burd says:

      You have to scratch your head whilst Israel is being vilified day and night in the media particularly by the Fairfax media these left wing loony Jews provide Fairfax’s SMH a free kick to publish more anti- Israel material .

      You have to ask do we really need Jews acting as Palestinian Useful Idiots. How does it help Israel’s cause particularly when one of the Looney groups NIF is one of the most controversial Jewish based anti- Zionist extremist organisation in he world.

      I will certainly be asking Moshe to respond to this great welcome to Australia by his fellow Jews when Alan and myself sit down to interview him on our program ‘Nothing Left’ on J Air Radio 87.8 next week. At least on our program we give a platform for all Jews no matter what their politics , left , right or centre, labor or Liberal and let the Jewish community make up their own mind.

      So much for the Progressives catch cry motto ‘inclusiveness” that is you are included if your ideology fits into the Leftist worldly view.
      Obviously these 11 organisations of minority Jews believe the majority of mainstream Australian Jews can’t think for themselves .
      Is it any wonder in Israel the left are an irrelevance .

    • Robert Weil says:

      A perfect example of how those on the left who bleat about ‘free speech’, ‘pluralism’ and ‘diversity’ are the first ones to want to ban anyone whose views are not perfectly in line with their narrow politically correct worldview.

      • Henry Herzog says:

        Perfect example of how those on the right who bleat the loudest about free speech, pluralism and diverisity are the first, and second, ones to want to ban anyone whose views are not perfectly in line with their narrow fearmongering world view.
        No one is saying that he shouldn’t be able to express his abhorent points of view, he should be given the same freedom to speak as is Dr Fredrick Toben, David Irving and others on the right. What is really alarming is the intellecturally defectient arguements posed by the right which are based on conspicy theories and fear. Nothing constructive coming from them, just name calling and hatred. And the fact that they urge Israel to take aggressive measures, as a result of which innocent Israelis get murdered, while they and their children remain safe and sound here, is cowardly, but only in my world view.

        • Robert Weil says:

          Goodness me Henry, such hysteria. Comparing Feiglin to Tobin and Irving? Now really. You are obviously more afflicted with the leftism disease than I ever could have imagined. I’ll pray it’s not terminal. If heaven forbid anything happened to you, I would so miss our periodical stoushes!

          • Michael Burd says:

            Henry why don,t you to listen Alan and my conversation with
            Moshe tomorrow morning we will ask him
            To respond to his critics .
            Nothing Left on J air 87.8 fm or go to J Air
            .com and listen live at 9 am

            Although Henry you had better take your blood pressure medication because on
            Our program there is no political Correctness and we may just tell it as it is .

            • Henry Herzog says:

              I would rather eat glass than listen to your hateful right- wing trash.

          • Henry Herzog says:

            There you go Robert; the comparison is that, those on the right only want to shut down extremist views with which they disagree, e.g. Toben’s and Irving’s, not others like Feiglin who also preach hatred. And going by what your mates are saying about Colin Rubenstein, he also could have caught this leftist disease. I don’t know about this leftist disease being terminal, but the rightist disease has proven to be, as history shows.

            • Alan Freedman says:

              In fact, Henry, you are wrong. History has repeatedly demonstrated that poverty, suffering, and abuse of human rights has been much more widespread under leftist governments than rightist ones.

              The people of China, Cambodia, Cuba, Russia – the list could go on – have all endured immense suffering under their leftist governments.

              By contrast, whilst those living under right wing dictatorships also suffered horribly,the numbers killed and tortured have always been much less than under the societies mentioned above.

              According to all evidence, leftism is much worse for human rights and individual prosperity than any right wing government.

              • Henry Herzog says:

                It’s not those supposed “communist” countries to who/whom I refer, Alan, nor the left-wing student groups and other mindless small L left-wing liberals who, irrespective of the conflict, blindly side with the supposed underdog. It’s people like me and others who prefer peaceful coexistence, compromise, tolerance and just outcome to conflicts.

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