Prisoner X: What we know – What we don’t

February 13, 2013 by Henry Benjamin
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There is little doubt that Israel incarcerated a prisoner in Ramla at the Ayalon prison…but no-one can positively identify him.

Ben Zygier's headstone   Photo: Steve Yarrow

Ben Zygier’s headstone Photo: Steve Yarrow


According to ABC-TV’s foreign correspondent he was believed to be Ben Zygier who they believe to be known in Israel as Ben Alon.

Prisoner “X” took his own life in December 2010. Witnesses say that a death certificate sighted said it was Ben Alon and that he had died of asphyxiation as aresult of hanging.

We know that the family of Ben Zygier contacted the Australian diplomatic services to facilitate the repatriation of his body to Australia. Zygier was buried at the Springvale Cemetery in Melbourne. He died in Israel on December 15, 2010 and was buried in Melbourne one week later. Zygier is believed to have lived in Israel for ten years. He was married with two children.

A spokesperson for Foreign Minister Senator Bob Carr told J-Wire: “The first we heard about the deceased was when the family in Melbourne applied to the embassy in Tel Aviv for assistance in organising the return of Zygier’s body to Melbourne for burial. If Intelligence, Mossad or any other similar organisation is involved, we will not be informed.”

What we do not know.

The ABC program was careful to point out that certain issues which could be interpreted as facts are in fact mere speculation.
They say they “understood Zygier had been recruited by Mossad”. The ABC correcty points out that countries such as Australia and New Zealand are quiet and “innocent”.

There is no doubt that Ben Zygier “disappeared” in 2010 and human rights activists have criticized the Israeli government for the secret imprisonment of Prisoner X.

Israeli media has been silenced by powerful laws which impact on the nation’s security.

In Australia message left for the Zygier family remain unanswered.

Was Ben Zygier “Prisoner X”…perhaps only time will tell, and perhaps a substantial amount of time.


9 Responses to “Prisoner X: What we know – What we don’t”
  1. Shirlee says:

    I don’t know if J-Wire would be breaching any copyrights if this by Andrew Bolt was published

    **Believing the worst of Israel: Carr and The Age**

    Knowing a little more three days later, let’s review the Age report three days ago of the death of “Prisoner X”:

  2. Michael says:

    It is not surprising to was the Arabist ABC that opened up this can of worms and further inflamed anti semitism disguised as anti Zionism and given our self hating Jews more oxygen

    You can bet the AbC will not be doing An exposé on the Lebanese Australian member of hezbolah accused by Bulgarian authorities ( no fans of the Jews or Israelies) of the terrorist attack in their country against. Israeli Jews
    Of course the fact that the Lebanese. Authorities when asked to extradite this peace loving Islamic
    Person have told the Bulgarians to go jump will make. Bob Lakenba CArr concerned or call in the
    Ambassador .
    Only when Israel is involved causes outrage in Australia never mind that human rights abuses , violence and mayhem on a daily basis in the Arab /Muslim world that’s normal

  3. Otto Waldmann says:

    ABC provided one of the most unprofessional episodes last night.
    Fanciful, almost idiotic, speculations, the kind that the same moronic Ben present here salivates on.
    There is a clear possibility taht the entire truth about this case will not see the light of day for a long time.
    Intelligence communities of similar interests would be fully aware of the relevant details, but they all work on the same principles of “discretion”.. That the immediate family is also well aware of the charges is a given, same goes for the appointed lawyers.
    Here we saw ABC again misleading through lies or incompetence by stating that prisoners in the special cell the “named” Mr. X was confiend to, were not allowed legal assistance, were completely incomunicado with their family etc.
    My suspicion is that the suicide happened in a different cell to the one presented as “suicide proof “, a move that must have been the result of legal representation. The very fact that legal assistance was extended seems to have been obscured from whatever information permeated out so that efforts in locating the legal assistance in question would be frustrated. JUST A SUSPICION !!!
    In any event the subject of interest here MUST have transgressed seriously his “brief” to end up in such a pickle of a place !!!

  4. Ben Eleijah says:

    A spokesman in the report said that Ausralia and New Zealand are seen as innocent and hence ideal for using their pasports for espionage. Why did Israel, the purported only true democrarcy in the region, hold a person without trial or due process ? After all even Jonatha Pollard was given a trial in the USA. And if the victim is not Ben Zygier ? Who was he? Why did Netanyahu ask the media to shut down the report ? Why did it spread the story that the victim was Iranian ?

    • Shirlee says:


      Please do us all a favour and go play elsewhere with your spin doctoring.

      While you are on whys and twisting everything to suit your own agenda.


      • Ben Eleijah says:

        One reason could be Australia’s blind support to USA and by default Israel. Australia will obviously distance itself from Israel when the US does so.

        • Shirlee says:

          Ben get a life. Learn the history of your own country

          Australia and Israel have a long and inseparable bond. Nothing to do with the USA

          Australia is the only country other than Israel which has Jews as it’s Founding Fathers

          Dream away if you think that the US will ever distance itself from Israel. As a Jew you should hope and pray that would never happen too.

  5. Gedalia says:

    Once again Foriegn Minister Carr has completely bungled the incident and media communications.

  6. Tali says:

    I watched that program.
    It was very interesting. I do wonder what he did that caused SUCH consequences.

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