JCCV opposed to Feiglin’s views

October 12, 2015 by J-Wire News Service
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The Jewish Community Council of Victoria finds views of former MK Moshe Feiglin are “inconsistent with the values and the policies” of the JCCV.

Moshe Feiglin

Moshe Feiglin

Jennifer Huppert, President of the Jewish Community Council of Victoria (JCCV) told J-Wire: “Moshe Feiglin has expressed extremist views in the past regarding women, sexual orientation and political issues which are inconsistent with the values and policies of the Jewish Community Council of Victoria (JCCV).  These sorts of views are not representative of the Victorian Jewish community.  They are damaging to social inclusion and social cohesion in our community, and we strongly condemn these divisive and corrosive statements.

Jennifer Huppert

Jennifer Huppert

In particular, The JCCV is opposed to any homophobia, biphobia or transphobia by whomever or whoever expresses it. It has no place in our community. Everyone of any sexual orientation or gender identity should be respected and be given equal opportunity to participate in and contribute to the community.”

Feiglin will participate in upcoming public meetings in Sydney and Melbourne.


11 Responses to “JCCV opposed to Feiglin’s views”
  1. Henry Herzog says:

    I know, lets have a free, open and rational debate between Geert Wilders and Moishe Feiglin at Beis Chabad Ohel Devorah with Andrew Bolt or Michael Burd as moderator.

  2. Henry Herzog says:

    How am I wrong, again, Mr Winter? And how do you suppose intolerance, discrimination and hatred, based on race and sexuality, will make for a better world?

    • Paul Winter says:

      1) By opposing free speech, particularly speech not directed to you

      2) By criticising a person for statements he has not made.Stating that he is OK with homosexuality but that society needs breeding pairs to maintain itself is not make Feiglin “homophobic”.

      • Henry Herzog says:

        Seriously Mr Winter, what the hell are you talking about? Opposing free speech by disagreeing with someone with whom I disagree, particularly speech not directed at me? What’s the point?

  3. Henry Herzog says:

    Good stuff Jennifer Huppert and the JCCV for your opposition to Mr Feiglin’s views. Of course those on the right will see it as trying to shut Feiglin down, which is not the case, and see you as lefty conspirators peddling anti-Israel left wing views, which also is not the case. He can say what ever he bloody well wants, but we can still voice our opinions about what is abhorrent about his phobic views of the world. But what’s really disappointing is he is being sponsored by a political Chabad congregation, when they should be promoting peace, harmony and love rather than intolerance and hatred.

    • Paul Winter says:

      Henry, you are wrong again. But keep it up, so as not to spoil your track record.

      It is not just the right that regards the JCCV’s pompous palaver as an attempt to shut down a person holding views not regarded as politically correct.

      Yes baby, you are free to voice your views, but nobody asked you to and it is none of your business. I didn’t hear anyone telling you or Jennifer that spouting the party line is only for those who delegate their thinking, morality and individuality to the vanguard of THE CAUSE, whatever that may be from day to day.

  4. Hilary Rubinstein says:

    Oh dear! Thought police at work!!!
    Does “in particular” mean that the JCCV deems those specified “phobias” more heinous than plain old common-or-garden misogyny? Will the JCCV begin to act as a Star Chamber, hauling up before it any “Torah-true” Jew who steps out of line and cites Leviticus’s strictures against lying with a man as with a woman?
    Perhaps it could enlighten the reactionary and the backsliding by drawing up a list of persons whom it considers persona non grata as far as speaking engagements are concerned. Mordechai Kedar? Bibi Netanyahu? Brigitte Gabriel?

    • Paul Winter says:

      I’m with you 100% Hilary. Feiglin’s views on homosexuality differ from the JCCV. So what? Does expressing those views make him a person with irrational fears about homosexuality? And how does expressing those views divide and corrode the community?

      Feiglin didn’t come to speak to the JCCV. JCCV’s comments are irrelevant and impertinent, which is to say, nobody asked you, it isn’t any of your business, so can it.

    • BARRY MOND says:

      Well said, Hilary.

    • Henry Herzog says:

      What happened to the Torah teaching us compassion, kindness and not doing to others what you wouldn’t want done to you? Or would you prefer to go down the path of the jihadists and see only the negatives and how to punish those who you fear?

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