Young Greens say AUJS ban not directed to ” Jewish people or students”

April 7, 2017 by J-Wire Staff
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The NSW Young Greens have reaffirmed in their Facebook their support for Palestine and its citizens.

The NSW Young Greens declined an invitation from AUJS to meet mith young political staffers in the NSW parliament.

In the post, they said: “The NSW Young Greens would like to confirm our support for Palestine and its citizens.

We support the Greens NSW position that “the Israel-Palestine conflict is not one of equal players. There is an oppressor and there is an oppressed” (1). We also stand by our multi-cultural principles, “in zero tolerance to people being harassed, abused, vilified, stigmatised, discriminated against, disadvantaged or exploited based on religious, ethnic, linguistic and racial grounds” (2).

Our responses to the recent invitation from Australasian Union of Jewish Students (AUJS) specifically referred to AUJS as an organisation due to their politics, and not Jewish people or students as a whole. This can be seen in the screenshot below. The NSW Young Greens support Jewish causes and engage with organisations that do not support the ongoing occupation and military operations in Gaza by the Israeli military.

We broadly condemn any kind of denial or justification of the ongoing violation of the rights of Palestinians. AUJS has a history of campaigning in support of the Israeli military bombing of Gaza through their “What Would You Do” campaign (3).

In light of this, we do not believe it is appropriate for NSW Young Greens to attend events organised by AUJS as representatives of the NSW Young Greens.

We acknowledge that AUJS’s position does not represent the views of all Jewish students or even every member of AUJS, however the NSW Young Greens have made a collective decision to not to engage with AUJS while their position remains explicitly anti-Palestine. We hope that AUJS will begin to distance themselves from defending the Israeli Defence Force’s actions.

The NSW Young Greens pledge our continued solidarity with the Palestinian people, and support their struggle for liberation.”

They post referred to these webpages…/australia-must-end-silence-pale…


One of the websites listed by the NSW Young Greens

Dr Dvir Abramovich, Chairman of the ADC, said: “We share the outrage of AUJS, and strongly condemn this wrong-headed, exclusionary and biased decision that promotes a simplistic approach to the complex Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The NSW Young Greens have chosen to align themselves with the divisive and fundamentally unconstructive BDS movement and their shameful actions show blatant disregard to the welfare of Jewish students since this policy will further fuel the climate of Jewish- hatred and intimidation on campuses.

The malicious BDS campaign uses strong-arm tactics and traffics in discrimination, and does not contribute in any productive way to the promotion of peace talks between Israelis and Palestinians.  At heart the BDS movement is promoting a fervently vicious and relentless anti-Israel message, and the actions of the Young Greens will contribute to the singling out and demonisation of those who have links with and support the state of Israel.   At a time of an alarming rise in anti-Semitism and violence, Australian students organisations should champion the cause of reconciliation and build bridges of communication, not  stoke the embers of  discord and foment an atmosphere of hostility against the Jewish community. We call on Richard Di Natale to publicly and unequivocally denounce this policy and to act immediately to rectify this unconscionable situation.”

A spokesperson for AUJS declined to comment.



4 Responses to “Young Greens say AUJS ban not directed to ” Jewish people or students””
  1. Rita L. says:

    If the Greens were ever in power (and they have too much power now), the Jews would soon have to wear the Yellow Star again. The Greens are the most virulent Jew-haters, globally.

  2. dr john nemesh says:

    So the Young Greens want an EQUAL fight….12 rounds and a referee as well?

    This is why they are racist, antisemitic, and hypocritical……..because they deny history…that Jews had to defend themselves from being wholesale slaughtered by 22 nations in 1967, by every Arab government in 1947-48 and told they would be murdered or pushed into the sea….that was a REALYY even fight wasnt it!!
    Their own Arab ( now called palestinian ) contingent was encouraged to leave the battle field so they would not be mistakenly slaughtered, but could return and steal the Jews’ lost property when they were murdered already.

    Bad luck for the Hypocrites of Australia that the Jews kept winning.

    Once again, blaming a religious affiliation from an ancient first peoples origin for existing and daring to remain on the principles of self determination would never cross the sacrosant lips of the holier than thou and morally hypocriticaland condescending greens.

    The Greens would froth at the mouth before ever replacing the word “Jewish” with that of “Muslim” or “Arab” and then dare to criticize them for anything.

    The Young Greens stand condemned as blatant hypocrites, and outright racist antisemites in their condemnation of jews.
    We all have heard their ugly chants of BDS of “from the river to the sea, palestine will be free”–meaning JUDENFREI.

    Welcome to Fascism .Own it and atleast admit what you are.

  3. Yosi Tal says:

    so the Young Greens have decided that AUJS does not represent Jewish Students.Well it possibly doesnt represent 100% of all jewish students but it does represent the overwhelming numbers of jewish students on campus who choose to identify as Jews.The Young Greens are a bunch of Antisemitic scumbagsand its good to see that they have been exposed…They cannot hide from the fact they are racists but all of this fits their world view and fits in with the electorate they appeal to….

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