Which country is missing from terror list on Australia’s #1 news site?

August 11, 2017 by Daniel Pomerantz - Honest Reporting
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Intentional car ramming is terrorism all over the world except one place. Guess where?

Israeli security at the scene where a man was seriously injured when a Palestinian attacker drove his vehicle into pedestrians, near Jerusalem’s Damascus Gate. The Palestinian gunman was shot at the scene. March 09, 2016. Photo by Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

This week’s appalling terror attack in Paris involved a vehicle being driven at speed into soldiers in the wealthy Parisian suburb of Levallois-Perret, north of the city center and the Arc de Triomphe, causing serious injuries. This has prompted comparisons with other terror attacks around the world where vehicles have been used as weapons.

News.com.au bills itself as “Australia’s #1 News Site” with over 60 million monthly unique visitors.

In an article on the Paris attack, the site included other examples of vehicle attacks around the world, saying that the Paris attack was “…the latest in a disturbing trend of terrorists or otherwise disturbed people driving their cars into crowds with the express purpose of killing innocent people.”

News.com.au then goes on to describe the following incidents:

  • June 3 – London Bridge
  • April 8 – Stockholm
  • March 22 – Westminster
  • January 20 – Melbourne
  • December, 2016 – Berlin
  • July, 2016 – “Bastille Day” attack (Nice)
  • December, 2014 – France
  • April, 2009 – Dutch Royal Family

But which country is conspicuous by its absence?

As documented by Israel’s Foreign Ministry, Israel has suffered 60 vehicular terror (ramming) attacks since the beginning of the wave of terror in September 2015. Not one like Melbourne or Berlin, not two like the UK, not even four like France, but 60.

Sixty attacks.

What did News.com.au have to say about these 60 terror attacks against Israelis?


News.com.au could have taken its cue from a previous story by wire service Reuters, which did include the following in its own story:

Vehicle attacks are not a new tactic in the Middle East.

In 2008, a Palestinian rammed a bulldozer into vehicles on a Jerusalem street before a visit by then US presidential candidate Barack Obama, wounding at least 16 people.

Another Palestinian drove his truck into a group of Israeli soldiers in Jerusalem in January this year, killing four of them in an attack that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said was likely to have been inspired by Islamic State.

Attacks against Israelis…exported home to you.

An analysis in the New York Post last November by Benny Avni pointed out that car rammings were originally perfected by Palestinian terrorists in their attacks against Israelis, and only later exported to other countries around the world. Avni writes:

We ignore Palestinian terror and condemn Israel’s robust response to it at our peril. Campaigns of violence against Israeli civilians are often copied elsewhere, from the streets of Nice, France, to the Columbus, Ohio, campus.

Indeed, the world continues to ignore Palestinian terror against Israelis, and continues to suffer the horrible consequences.


Combined vehicular terror attack and stabbing: Jerusalem, October, 2015. The Palestinian terrorist killed 59 year old Rabbi Yeshayahu Krishevsky. (Warning: the video is rather gruesome).


Why is it that terror against Israelis simply doesn’t register on News.com.au’s radar?

By excluding Israel from its list of terror victims, the news site violates its own Code of Conduct, by misleading readers into thinking either that Israel suffers no such attacks, or that in Israel such attacks simply do not count as “terror.”

The omission of Israel from the article begs the question as to why it was overlooked and why terror in Israel is treated differently than terror in other countries. The failure to acknowledge Palestinian vehicular terror in the same terms as similar attacks elsewhere does nothing to challenge a false and unfortunately prevalent narrative that excuses or attempts to justify Palestinian actions. It also erases Israeli victims of terror in a way that would not be the case for the terrorist attacks that News.com.au did describe.

Because according to “Australia’s #1 News Site,” a “disturbing trend of terrorists…driving their cars into crowds” counts as “terror” everywhere in the world…except Israel.

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This report compiled by Honest Reporting


2 Responses to “Which country is missing from terror list on Australia’s #1 news site?”
  1. Joe Weinstein says:

    Thank you J-Wire for exposing the Willful Inaccuracy published about Israel and the Muslim Arab (“Palestinian”) Terror actions and as if Israel (& the Jews) did not Exist or Count.

    Indeed FAKENEWS Caught Out by you! Here in Australia?

    I was unaware that News.com.au were also Guilty of this kind of TWISTED View of the Jews & Israel.

    Yes we are different, not better & not worse but certainly different.
    However, most certainly not in the way they perceive us (Jews & Israel)

    Many times in history (seemingly today included), unfortunately we are reminded by the Nations of the World (Goim) that indeed we are different.

    It is the only Land that was Given by G-d to the Jews;
    It is a Land which is Holy, not just to Jews but also to Christianity & To a lesser extent Islam;
    A Land which is described in the Torah as the Land of “Milk & Honey”;

    WE (the Jews) ARE DIFFERENT:
    [not better; not worse; just different]
    We have a Neshoma
    We are the only Nation that has had a History beyond any other
    We were the only Nation to which G-d has revealed himself to (as One Nation of some 3,000,000 people)
    We are the only Nation that has received the “Manual to Life” (at Mt Sini) by the Creator of Life

    We Love TRUTH & Hate any distortion of it
    We LOVE Peace
    We do not want War
    We have given & continue giving to the world
    We are Creative & most outstanding in so many ways (indeed some 28% of Nobel Prize Winners; within the worlds population of some 7 billion; are Jews; how out of proportion is that?)

    So I guess we must be quite intimidating to the Goim (Nations of the World); including Australia.
    It’s the old “Cut Down the Tall Poppy” syndrome (to make them look taller?)

    We are the reminder of Histotical TRUTH. Unfortunately, there are those (including “News.com.au”) that want to REVISE the REALITY of the past & the Present.
    There were many individuals and “Mighty Empires” that have tried to do the very same thing by Forcing us to “Admit” their Lies and unfortunately by trying to Eliminate us.

    B”H we are still here whilst all those “Mighty Empires” have disappeared (as we reiterate during Pesah)
    Consequently, I have no doubt that all of the FAKENEWS Creators, including “NEWS.com.au” will similarly disappear

  2. Erica Edelman says:

    Could it be that the rest of the world sees that Israel
    Is involved in a CIVIL WAR rather than a TERRORIST war?

    Palestinian “Terrorists” don’t factor into narratives because the world has come to believe the lies that Israel is OCCUPYING land which doesn’t belong to them, bullying its Palestinian neighbors, antagonizing
    The Palestinians and PREVENTING them from statehood. Until and unless these “international”
    Myths are dispelled ppl will continue to write articles like the one
    Although Israel’s PR machine is a quite achiever, it needs
    To work LOUDER!

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