Rabbi Shmuley Boteach condemns Lorde

January 1, 2018 by J-Wire Newsdesk
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Rabbi Shmuley Boteach,  described on his web page as “America’s Rabbi”, has placed a full-page ad in The Washington Post, condemning New Zealand’s pop icon Lorde who followed the BDS line by cancelling her June concert in Tel Aviv.

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach

Rabbi Boteach’s ad placed by The World Values Network of which he is the executive director also focuses on recent attempts by New Zealand to delegitimise Israel at the UN.

On his Facebook page Rabbi Boteach wrote:  “Sunday, 31 December, the last day of the calendar year, The World Values Network is publishing a full-page ad in The Washington Post condemning New Zealand pop star Lorde for joining the anti-Semitic BDS Movement, which seeks the economic destruction of the Jewish State of Israel.

Lorde cancelled her scheduled concerts in Israel after being pressured by BDS and joined the boycott of Israel. Last December, New Zealand itself sponsored a United Nations resolution condemning Israel for settlement activity all while ignoring, at the very same time, the carpet bombing of Aleppo and the murder and wholesale slaughter of innocent Arab children.

Lorde likewise hypocritically kept her concerts in Putin’s Russia, even though Russia aided and abetted Assad’s slaughter of nearly 500,000 innocent Arabs.

The ad also focuses on recent actions by the government of New Zealand to penalise Israel unjustly and unfairly, including its condemnation of America’s proclamation of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.”

Rabbi Smuley Boteach told J-Wire that he is willing to join Israel’s ambassador to New Zealand Dr Yitzhak Gerberg by also extending an invitation to Lorde to enter into a personal discussions on her reasons for cancelling her Israel visit.

A spokesperson for the New Zealand Jewish Council said: “The advertisement funded by The World Values Network does not promote understanding or engagement. The New Zealand Jewish Council is committed to dialogue and tolerance and distances itself from the inflammatory and aggressive material that stoops to the level of BDS rather than rising above it.
We are disappointed with Lorde’s decision to cancel her show after pressure from the discriminatory BDS movement and invite Lorde to continue learning about the region.”

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5 Responses to “Rabbi Shmuley Boteach condemns Lorde”
  1. michael kuttner says:

    Running for cover and apologising for those forcefully shaming BDS supporters will only garner support from the media who love to discover trembling Jews. BDS advocates want Israel gone. You cannot dialogue and turn the other cheek towards those who spread lies, delegitimise and who fervently believe that you have no right to exist.

    This policy has never worked in the past and is a recipe for further failure.

  2. BARRY MOND says:

    Congratulations to Rabbi Boteach for telling the truth about the evils of BDS and Lorde’s capitulation to it, in an “inflammatory and aggressive” manner.

    It won’t change anything with the Jew hating Israeli hating cretins who support BDS, but at least he hasn’t minced words like the weak gutless people who inhabit the New Zealand Jewish Council.

  3. m roper says:

    While i agree with the gist of this article I find it to be very difficult to understand the reliance on genereality of the terms used to critise persons such as Lorde , a person of whom I have never heard. As a person who has little knowledge of these problems, I await for the day when a article is published in which the multiple of assumptions are the basis of the validity of this ands other disputes are explained. This article seems to me to be completely subjective.

  4. Robert Weil says:

    Pathetic response from the New Zealand Jewish Council. This disgusting BDS movement is not interested in ‘dialogue and tolerance’. They see it as a sign of weakness. Full marks to Rabbi Boteach for confronting them head on. I wish the ad could appear in the NZ press too.

  5. john nemesh says:

    This is what needs to be done as a systematic action—but even more importantly,
    as soon as a concert is announced, information in a simple, logical glossy way to go to the artists as a bullwark against the predicted propaganda barrage from BDS racists and Jew haters.

    we must never allow the enemy to turn up, and we concede by default–we must meet them on the field–get better at it–and attack….stop always defending and trying to limit damage—go and damage the enemy!!!

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