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March 13, 2016 by J-Wire Staff
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Philip Feinstein will be showing his ‘JEWS FOR REFUGEES‘  flag at a rally support at the upcoming Palm Sunday rally in Sydney.



“It was a very positive experience to see a large number of fellow Jewish supporters attend last year’s rally  –  we are expecting an even larger number to attend this year” he said.
In looking back at the history of Jewish people with their refugee tag from Europe in the 1940’s, he is encouraging more members of his tribe to show their colours by attending any of the Australia-wide rallies planned for Sunday 20 March  –  see listing below.

“We have a very sad situation in Australia by locking up genuine asylum seekers and taking ages to process their applications” Feinstein stated. “The majority of these people are decent folk who have fled atrocities in their own countries only to be treated with contempt and a lack of respect on arrival in ‘the lucky country’ –  Jews who fled Eastern Europe last century can relate to the stress and trauma that these people are now suffering.”

Feinstein recently joined some fellow Jewish people in encouraging prominent people in the community to take a stand. Following on from doctors, nurses, teachers and leaders of many faiths showing their support, Feinstein pronounced: “It is very exciting to now see Rabbis from around the country and on different sides of the spectrum endorsing the call for more empathy and compassion to be shown.”
After nearly 10 years as a volunteer music teacher and mentor to asylum seekers at the Villawood Detention Centre in Sydney, Philip Feinstein is pleading for the government to cancel the deportation of the 267 men, women and children to Nauru, Manus Island and other off-shore processing centres. “At least at Villawood people are treated with some dignity and respect – the same cannot be said for the off-shore centres” he says. “But I now also worry about the length of time it is taking for the 12,000 Syrians to arrive on our shores – can you imagine the anguish they are going through?”

The rallies will take place on Sunday March 20.

Sydney Belmore Park

Melbourne: State Library of Victoria

Adelaide: Parliament House

Perth: St Georges Cathedral

Brisbane: Queen’s Park

Canberra: Garema Place



8 Responses to “Jews for Refugees”
  1. Leon Poddebsky says:

    I presume that this group, “Jews for Refugees,” will be toiling energetically for justice for the one million Jewish refugees who were driven out of all the Arab countries, and who were welcomed by the young, impoverished State of Israel, where Israel’s dire economic situation prevented it from housing them in other than miserable refugee camps (ma’abarot), where many languished for years with no material assistance or even sympathy from “the international community.”

  2. Paul Winter says:

    Australia needs to take its fair share of refugees. And it is doing so via our immigration program.

    People who fly to Indonesia on valid documents and then board a fishing boat, chuck their documents overboard to come undocumented to Australia are unwelcome as far as I am concerned. They are safe in Indonesia so they can register with the UNHCR and wait for resettlement. They are queue jumpers taking places away from people Australia wants to resettle in an orderly way. They are not genuine if they throw their documents away.

    Australia, like Israel, should take in Yazidis, Christians and Kurds persecuted by mohammedans. The mohammedans should be looked after by their co-religionists, especially the Saudis who are building a city to house a couple of million people, but like the other Gulf states have not taken a single “refugee”; they are concerned about terrorists among the displaced people. Considering the attacks by “refugees” in Europe, we should also be concerned.

    • Otto Waldmann says:

      The rational voice of the Winter of our discontents….as always.
      Strait and clear to the point, unlike some who indulge in all kinds of “literary” licence….
      Point assumed !

    • Eleonora Mostert says:

      Spot on Mr. Winter.

  3. Carol Dwyer says:

    Keeping a close eye as I do on the migrant situation and for many years before, Islam, it’s holy books, have it out for Jews and Christians, but Jews especially. In Islam’s version of The End Days, all Jews will slaughtered. Most Muslims believe that they are to take part in this. Many Muslims believe that they are to take part in population takeovers called “Hijra”.

    Though it’s been held back from being shown in the mainstream media, acts of terror against Jews in Europe have skyrocketed in Muslim areas. It may be uncomfortable to draw attention to this, but we are talking about a life and death problem that cannot be undone once it’s done.

    Yes Jews were refugees, and that’s where the similarity ends. Do not mistake altruism for suicide.

  4. Otto Waldmann says:

    How many shades of Jewishness, one is entitled to ask. On a less cynical note, we must uphold our ethical norms for we, Jews have been destined to seek refuge least we would would defy our identity definition as ordained…
    At the level of strict tachles – and the personal profile as a genuine refugee meself from a political system which engendered subtle yet perceived antisemtisim, communist Romania, now you know…- it is also necessary to consider the many shades of the term “refugee”. I will throw in the mix the occasional use of the notion of ” social cum political cum security compatibility” and the related capacity/willingness of social integration. All those categories I am uttering while aware that there are cohorts out there – and in here !!! – endowed with Pavlovian retort ” You bloody intolerant – and why not – ignorant racist etc. !!!”.
    Yes, in spite of the benefits I have enjoyed as a refugee, including that magnificent “Senior citizen” $2.50/day public transport pass, I also gained the right to say it as `I see it and, in socio-political terms, I happen to enjoy a 20/20 vision coupled with a 100% genuine chutzpah. Beat that !!

    Well may our brethren demonstrate, chant in the shade of placards for noble principles while there is a critical shortage of demonstrations calling for the prosecution of a critical lack of political, strategic wisdom at the level of real leadership which could sort out the causes of the type of systems which cause the refugee phenomenon. Tyranical regimes do not exist and prosper in a vacuum, most enjoy the tacit endorsement of those countries which claim to be defenders of the highest moral standards.

  5. Gillian Miller says:

    The vast majority of these migrants are neither Syrians or refugees but opportunists looking for jizya. Some three quarters of them are young males of military age who, if they have families, have left them behind. They bring with them rampant anti-Semitism and a rape culture. One only has to see that France has armed militia to protect the synagogues and Jewish schools or the number of murdered Jews to know that integration has failed. And one only has to look at Germany, Sweden, Finland and Denmark to know that the women and children are no longer safe. The police are outnumbered and unable to deal with what is happening so crimes go undealt with. The police are not able to say Muslims so they say of foreign appearance. Girls cannot walk to school and women are sexually abused. And to add to that rapists are released uncharged. The police cannot cope with what is happening in the refugee centres where the Christian and Yadizi women are raped and sold for $10. The Muslims have set up no-go areas.

    I can continue for pages of what you are encouraging to be brought in and no man should want it for the women/girls in his family and no woman should want it to happen to themselves, their daughters or others.

    Yes, Jews were refugees and no-one wanted us but we didn’t tape, murder or abuse those where we ended up. We didn’t force our way in. We don’t have a religion that says everyone else is second class, that those not of our religion should be killed, converted or to pay jizya which is a tax on our heads, the possibility but not a guarantee of keeping it on our shoulders even if we pay it, that their women are available to be raped because our prophet was a rapist, a slaver, a paedophile, a necrophiliac and a lying bandit to name some of his better qualities. Europe is also finding many terrorists in the incomers.

    It does not mean that some of the migrants are not genuine refugees but why does the West have to take them? They would be better in countries with the same religion. After all, there are many wealthy countries in the Middle East who know better than to allow them in.

    These incomers have cost Europe billions and many have lost their homes to house them. Others have lost their lives as the UK no longer has funding for certain illnesses such as forms of cancer and benefits are being cut to pay for incomers.

    Yes, this can be regarded as selfish but I believe that we need to help those in our countries first. If we have children and elderly people starving to death or unable to afford basic care then we need to help them first. We need to ensure the safety and well being of our families and other families. We need to be safe in our own homes. Importing intolerance and rapists isn’t the way to go.

  6. Erica Edelman says:

    Your care and concern for the Syrian refugees is commendable. What is not perhaps so commendable is the governmental “processes”. Yes, Australia should take in their fair share of “legitimate” refugees. Yes, Australians need to know due diligence and process will happen. And NO, Australians don’t want their next door neighbor to be an “unscreened” potential terrorist. By all means accept refugees…but for goodness sake 12,000 can’t be screened in a couple of months even. Mr Feinstein, Your philanthropy is to be applauded. But our safety and security is tantamount to us living civilized lives. When Jews came to our shores they were not any threat or danger to civilization. What Australia and Europe is dealing with is not so much unknown quantity but UNKNOWN QUALITY!

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