Israel once held all the cards … writes Gil Solomon

August 2, 2013 by J-Wire
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The naiveté of the Jewish world never ceases to amaze me.

Gil Solomon

Gil Solomon

Let out 104 terrorists with Jewish blood on their hands for just getting the sons of Ishmael to agree to sit down with you and then keep on babbling on how these negotiations were entered into without preconditions and with everything on the table. What about Arab children being taught to hate Jews from kindergarten age onwards? Does anyone in their right mind think that this will change? Worse still, is anyone from the Israeli side even demanding that this must change before the 104 are released to an adoring throng?

Kerry is already stating that the next round of talks will resume “in Israel or the PALESTINIAN TERRITORIES”! So what part of the West Bank or Pre 1967 Israel is he referring to as the Palestinian Territories? Has anyone even picked up on this?

Does anyone notice that at all photo opportunities to date we see a Livni, smiling and beaming at Erekat while he on the other hand, forget about looking at her, doesn’t even look in her direction? He obviously holds her and by implication Israel, in total contempt. And why shouldn’t he? He is negotiating with a country that once held all the cards but has squandered the lot. He is akin to a shark that can smell blood in the water.
His side has managed to convince the world at large that there was once a Palestinian people with their own culture, rulers and history and knows that all concessions will virtually have to come from Israel. Additionally, should the talks fail, he knows that Israel has been set up to be blamed no matter what. Even that US negotiator Martin Indyk, a Jew, is sympathetic to the Palestinian cause.

As to the Israeli Govt. guarantee that there will be a referendum amongst the people before any agreement is finalised, all is not as it seems. The referendum will not take place over any concession granted in the West Bank “proper” but only in respect to issues that are recognised to be within the “Green Line”. Too bad if your life savings went into a home in a settlement block beyond the Green Line. The insanity of the Israeli electoral process is now there for all to see. Cabinet members make decisions, but Israelis have not the faintest idea what any individual in the cabinet thinks. They don’t vote for a person who has an opinion they respect but to a party that throws names on a list, so you vote for a party and hope for the best.

Finally, not only does Erekat state there will be no Israelis living in the soon to be formed State of Palestine with no troops on the border AND that a great chunk of Jerusalem will be its capital, but he has the audacity to continue calling for the right of return of supposed refugees to within Israel proper. Lets get this straight. No Jews even allowed into his country (not that anyone in their right mind would want to go there) but he wants Muslims to be allowed to immigrate en masse to Israel to change the demographics and become a fifth column in order to undermine the country for an eventual takeover.

Does anyone still even remotely wonder why he treats Livni with contempt?

Gil Solomon is a retired finance manager and author


7 Responses to “Israel once held all the cards … writes Gil Solomon”
  1. Gil Solomon says:


    Here’s hoping that you’re correct and my fears are unfounded.

    As you say, negotiations will take place with one side having nothing to bargain with but nevertheless they’ve come a long way with nothing but know that they have the backing of what I believe to be a marxist/muslim sitting in the Oval Office. I do recall Obama once saying to Putin before his second term election victory, words to the effect: “wait till the election is over and then see what I will do to Israel”.

    Israel will need a strong spine if it’s going to manage the tsunami of propaganda and threats about to come its way. As far as Livni is concerned, I can’t think of a worse candidate to represent Israel.

    Anyway Otto, as I said in the beginning, here’s hoping you are correct. I will be more than happy if your assessment is the correct one.

    • Otto Waldmann says:

      to be honest, at first I said, just like you, “what’s doing Tzipi at a table wher, again I thought, she would be representing the vital interests of Israel, and, from what I knew, she is far from identical in views with Bibi, just for startrs.”.
      But, then, I also said to myself : ” Tzipi does not look any different to my first and, then second wife. Both loved me because they could argue against everything I stood for – remember “stood” !!-. I also chose them as partners for the very same reasons. Jkes aside, Ms Livni is there precisely bcs Bibi and the rest of the Cabinet wanted to put forward someone with a known profile of “flexiblity, more amiable approach to the intransigence palestinians can ONLY offer.”
      Picture, almost, perfect for the kind of talks which, as pteconditions are not supposed to exist, have been almost entirely decided by Israel that they should lead ONLY to where the -“nonexisting” – preconditions were supposed to lead. Otherwise and otherwise to all my wives, Tzipni shal say and do what the – mostly men – Bibi Cabinet shall say – and/or have already agreed, Tzipni on a “yes Sirs ,three bags fool mission .
      These must have been also the reasons that unsufferable Indyk has also been accepted. To mine even if Carlos the Jacal would have been proposed as a referee Israel would have said “yes, why not” or ” ken, lama lo ! “.
      I am really excited about this charade and what excites me even less is that the Amerikans know it all. Haven’t we nticed that nobody is making any “progress” comments at the White House !!! What’s to report, that little Otto Waldmann in Sydney – actually right now I am still in Bucharest -, is right !!Gil, mate, you and I shall have a glass of flat mineral water on it once I am back home. Deal !

  2. Cody says:

    I often wonder why Israel is always trying to appease these murderers? Time after time, land or prisoners are given to the Palestinians in exchange for an elusive peace, or cessation of war. What part of the ghetto mentality these Israelis seem to possess allows these actions to continue time after time. The Jewish People worldwide have nothing to be ashamed of. Their accomplishments in the last 3000 years have been remarkable, so why all of this grovelling to the Palestinians, or in fact to anyone?

  3. Paul Winter says:

    Otto, you may be right that all of the Israeli concessions are just for show, but even if you are right, you are wrong. Israel is wrong to show anything but contempt and disgust with its Arab interlocutors; those bloody handed, lying, aggressive antisemites should be told in no uncertain terms hos repulsive they are and the only reason to give them self-government in demiliterised enclaves is to keep those savages quarantined and the economic burden of anyone but the Jewish state. If you are wrong, then Gil is right and again Israel is wrong to make any gesture other than an erect middle finger to them.

    It is also time for Israel to remind clueless Kerry and his moslem brotherhood supporting half-Kenyan clown of a boss (see Barry Rubin’s latest analysis), that the Palestinian Arab demands contravene the Road Map; they have yet to cease incitement and aggression or to establish state institutions. And the PA represents nobody: Abbas is kept in power in Areas A & B of Judea and Samaria by Israel as a less nauseating alternative to Hamas and abu mabu Mazen no longer elected “president” cannot speak for the no longer elected Ham Arse types in Gaza.

    The talks are a sick joke and Israeli leaders, like Jewish leaders world wide are sick, just as Gil implies. The problem is that they are as desparate for peace as the local Arabs are for war to regain what the fantasize as their honour. They need a good hiding and the world needs to be told that those who ingratiate themselves with the mohammedans and thus prevent wars have no right to demand peace when their proteges get their comeuppance from time to time.

    • Otto Waldmann says:

      Dear Paul

      I cannot possibly be wrong for the simple reason that all what I said and all what I am about to reiterate here, albeit slightly differently expressed, is in full logical sync with you.
      As you well know , there are necessary political pantomimes, them of them is called ” Politics for Hoy Poloy”.
      Israel’s participation in these talks is nothing but a strategic alibi. Their presence must be recorded as a genuine protocol to justify how your Palestinian mates are, indeed as you described them, incompatible with their claims, i.e. the granting of statehood as seen and agreed by Israel.
      Everything you say is accurate and I must allay you worries that our haverim in Jerusalem may not be fully aware of what you stated and then some.

  4. Otto Waldmann says:

    Gil, you must admit that I almost always agreed with you while debating at once half decent and now decayed other site.
    Here and now I can only agree that your are:
    – broyges
    – a dedicated Zionist
    – wrong in your assessment

    negotiations, if you want to call them that, have not even started in earnest.
    Israel is right now in a position she only dreamt of. The Palestinian side has NOTHING to bargain with. Their claims are as fictitious and so NOT on the actual table, that is IF Israel is going to be at the same table.
    Erakat and his clowns can sing and dance their ” Dance Macabre” all they want. It is only for Palestinian cultural (!!) consumption. They shall NEVER dictate Israel !! Nor should ANYBODY else. You must have noticed all that stuff because you are astute and informed enough.
    Must repeat, Israel is NO rush to satisfy the thirst of Palestinian absurdities at the expense of a Jewish State much smarter than they give it credit for. And this goes for the entire oberchuhem world !!

    • Lynne Newington says:

      Well someone must be convinced it’s going to go well for them further down the line.
      You have the Apostolic Nuncio to Israel and Papal Delegate to Palestine and Jerusalem who escaped any Inquiry and Royal Commission into abuse here in Australia, [not forgeting Ireland, claiming diplomatic immunity] all primed for a papal visit.
      You may lose more than you think you men of goodwill.

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