Help needed in Marrickville

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Many know Sergio Redegalli, most probably do not. Shirley Finn makes an appeal to help him secure victory in Saturday’s municipal elections…

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Marrickville art winner

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A member of Sydney’s  Inner West Jewish community is one of the prize-winners in the inaugural “Spirit Life in Marrickville”  art project, with her entry, a diptych etching entitled “Windows”. Read more

Friends of Israel and enemies in Marrickville

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At a function launching the revitalised NSW Parliamentary Israeli Friendship Group, Israel’s ambassador to Australia expressed his farewell to the pro-BDS Greens who drove last year’s anti-Israel campaign in the inner-Sydney suburb of Marrickville. Read more

New Mayor for Marrickville

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Fiona Byrne, the Marrickville Greens mayor who led the Boycott, Sanctions and Divestment drive against Israeli products being sold in the Sydney municipality is no longer wearing the ceremonial chain of office. Read more

Award Winning Israeli Singer performing in Marrickville

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Efrat Goshhas won the World Music Cabaret Award as Artist of the Decade…and tonight she will perform in the heart of Marrickville whose municipal council recently attempted to boycott Israeli artists. Read more

Tutu praises Marrickville mayor

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Marrickville Council, which joined the Israel boycott last year but abandoned it in April amid intense pressure, is back in the spotlight after a letter emerged today from Nobel laureate Desmond Tutu praising Mayor Fiona Byrne. Read more

Chazan to speak in Marrickville

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Professor Naomi Chazan, a three-time Knesset member and former Deputy Speaker of Israel’s parliament, will speak in Marrickville – the scene of a recent bitter battle over whether to boycott Israel – during her visit to Australia this month.

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The Marrickville Council meeting

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J-Wire reader Jack Pinczewski attended the Marrickville Council meeting. Here is his report…. Read more

Marrickville Israel Boycott Dumped – Senator asks ACTU to Follow

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Marrickville Council has abandoned its bid to boycott Israel.
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Marrickville Council to vote on Israeli boycott

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Marrickville Council will vote on Tuesday on a motion to rescind its controversial Israel boycott. Read more

Senate Slams Marrickville Council

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The Senate has supported a motion proposed by Senator Mitch Fifield denouncing Marrickville Council’s boycott of Israel. Read more

The Q Society and Marrickville Council

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In the past week or so, it has become clear that the organisation which has is behind the petition against the Marrickville Council’s Boycott Divestment and Sanctions declaration is an active right wing, racist organisation.  the QSociety, whose official HQ is a post box office box in the western suburbs of Melbourne. It has strong links into other circles of haters and racists who just don’t like Muslims but other people as well. When the issue of a Muslim prayer group in the heart of the Jewish community in Melbourne, was attached to their cause, it took me only 5 minutes of searching on Google to figure out what these people represent, and that is what makes the Sydney response so scandalous. Read more

Medicine for Marrickville

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A long time ago – some sixty years – I had a spell of some medical responsibilities in the Marrickville area.  It was the time of early multiculturalism and I retain pleasant  memories of a happy polyglot community with a great sense of civic pride and neighbourly concern. Read more

Marrickville to Decide on Israeli Peace Team Visit

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Independent Councillor Victor Macri has called for permission to be granted to use Sydney’s Marrickville Town Hall to host the Israeli/Palestinian Australian Rules Peace Team in August. Read more

Danby calls on O’Farrell to block Greens in Marrickville

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Federal Labor MP Michael Danby has called on NSW Liberal leader Barry O’Farrell to block a Greens victory in the NSW State election. Read more

Danby and Marrickville Preferences

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Dear Editor,

The NSW Opposition apparently plans to issue no preferences in the coming State election in the seat of Marrickville. This is a marked contrast to the Liberal policy in Victoria at the recent State election which the Liberals won. The Liberal decision not to issue preferences against the Greens is made possible by the optional preferential voting system. It will mean that the chief proponent of the Watermelon faction of the Greens, Fiona Byrne, the woman who has driven the boycott Israel policy as Mayor of Marrickville may well be elected to the NSW Parliament.

Remember Marrickville General Manager Ken Gainger revealed that 86.25 hours of staff time have been devoted to trying to implement an anti-Israel resolution plus an unspecified amount of ‘unrecorded time’. The cost is said to be ‘unquantifiable’ because Council staff do not operate according to a time costing system (informally we have heard that the cost to date is well over $30,000 – and that’s even before the formal report about implementation has been completed).

This is a scandalous waste of resources. Marrickville Council has never received a mandate from ratepayers for this expenditure of their money which could have been applied to fixing broken footpaths, clearing dumped rubbish and upgrading the library and other local services. Voters in NSW do not need a ratbag local councillors in the NSW Parliament. Unfortunately the decision of the NSW Opposition to sit on the fence means that an avowed enemy of the Australian Jewish community maybe elected to Macquarie Street. At this eleventh hour, I hope the community can pressure the Libs to do the right thing and get them to stop this Green radical being elected.

Michael Danby MP

Federal Member for Melbourne Ports

Greened out in Marrickville

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Lisa Jackson Pulver tied herself to trees as fledgling environmental activists protesters waged a peaceful war against the damming of Tasmania’s Franklin River in the 1980s…but she is a Greens supporter no more. Read more

A Jewish voice at Marrickville Council

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More than 30 supporters, mostly Jewish, turned up at Marrickville Council Chamber last week to support Clare Nadas, secretary of the Newtown Synagogue, who spoke on the Council’s sister-city relationship with Bethlehem… Read more

An answer for Marrickville from Israel

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A message and a video to the world from young Israelis questioning the value of Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions against their country….following a call to artist Macy Gray to cancel her concert in Tel Aviv next week. Read more

Marrickville: Locals confer

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A community-lead meeting was held yesterday at the Newtown Synagogue, to discuss the Motion to support the BDS campaign, which was passed by a 10 to 2 majority, by Marrickville Council last month. Read more

Marrickville: A Word from Danby

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Federal Labour Member of Parliament Michael Danby has thrown his hat into the Marrickville Council Israeli boycott ring. Read more

Marrickville Council Boycott

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All parties that support economic boycott of Israeli goods made in Palestine, are blocking j ventures for peace and employment within the two states of Israel and Palestine. They are blocking peaceful co.operation and econmic sustenance between the 2 states.. The boycotters are therefore supporting chaos

Sandra Hepner

Marrickville Council and its Israel Boycott

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An online petition has to date netted almost 1300 signatures protesting the resolution passed last month by a Sydney council to introduce boycotts against Israel. Read more

Marrickville Council Condemns Israel

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Sydney’s Jewish community has slammed a Marrickville Council motion condemning Israel’s actions in Gaza. Read more

Robyn Reynolds’ Mermaid: Double passes for the taking

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Join British comedian Robyn Reynolds for her hilarious “fish out of water” debut solo show this week at the Factory Theatre in Sydney. Read more

Laugh outta lockdown with Robyn Reynolds

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Join British comedian Robyn Reynolds for her hilarious “fish out of water” debut solo show in November at the Factory Theatre in Sydney. Read more

Time to have a laugh

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We all need a laugh more than ever, and what better way than to support the next generation of Australian Jewish comedians? Read more

No need to go hungry in Sydney

J-Wire is publishing a list of organisations that are providing food for the needy in these tough times. Read more

Albanese pledges support and denounces “apartheid” and BDS

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Federal Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese has denounced the use of the apartheid analogy to demonise Israel during a zoom meeting organised by the Executive Council of Australian Jewry. Read more

We all bleed the same

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Sydney Jewish community personalities Ernie Friedlander and Jeremy Jones are among the Australians of diverse backgrounds whose portraits are included in the exhibition “We All Bleed the Same”, a series of 39 photos by leading Sydney photographer Tim Bauer.

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