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January 9, 2018 by J-Wire Newsdesk
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Federal Labor MP Michael Danby has responded on the weekend attack against him by Fairfax Media over his $4574 spend on ads criticising ABC journalist Sophie McNeill.

Warren Mundine’s tweet

Danby told J-Wire: “Fairfax reheated the controversy of my ads exposing the bias of the ABC’s Jerusalem bureau.

Of course I was pleased to be defended by indigenous leader Nyunggai W Mundine over rehashed report about what they (Fairfax) admit is authorised expenditure on advertising in the Australian Jewish News. The ads exposed the unremitting, night by night hostility of ABC Jerusalem bureau.

Decoded the Fairfax/ABC argument amounts to saying: ‘you unlike all MP’s, are not allowed to defend that part of your electorate harassed, intimidated, denigrated and the murder of their relatives implicitly justified by a person I would describe as ideologue working for taxpayer-funded news network’.

Every MP receives a set communication budget and we all decide what is the most effective way to spend it.

Some context: SSM & lack of expenditure on Victorian infrastructure by the Federal government were bigger issues for me and my constituents and therefore I spent far more on those campaigns.

But I will never agree not to represent that part of my electorate, who don’t agree with the ABC minimising or dehumanising their relatives and friends. 20,000 people in Ports gather with their family most Friday nights for Shabbath. All of them would have heard or seen last August (but not via the ABC) about the horrific terrorist murder of the Salomon family at their Friday night gathering to honour their new grandson.

Chaya, Yosef and Elad Salamon  –   Israel’s Knesset (parliament) may introduce capital punishment for particularly horrific terrorist crimes such as the stabbing murder of the Solomon Family. (The family the ABC dehumanised by referring to them only as unnamed settlers in the occupied territory)

Imagine the reaction of most Australians if one of the current spate of home invasions in Melbourne had the residents stabbed to death by the attacker for political reasons!

By the way, the ABC flat out lied when they said they gave equal coverage to the murders of the Salomon family who were stabbed to death at their Friday night Shabbat meal by a Hamas terrorist . They were barely referred to by the ABC in passing, as settlers in “occupied territory”. Can provide you with the transcripts of her typically dehumanising report.do you want them?

The ads were the end of a long process of meeting the ABC, writing to them and writing about this pattern of dehumanisation by ABC Jerusalem. Just Google my article about this persistent ABC bias “Knives in their hands or Knives in their Chest” or read it via this link.

The Palestinian squatters, the ABC Jerusalem correspondent did name and did do a warm human interest profile on them.

Don’t stereotype me as responding to “any perceived attack”. This is a pattern that frightens my constituents and works to the detriment of the safety of all Australians.

One third of all car ramming of pedestrians since 2009 took place in Israel and was perfected there as a terrorist tactics. Virtually unreported by ABC Jerusalem. Linked here is a research report with links to coverage and footage of attacks reported by the ABC.

Australians might have been forearmed if we had been forewarned, but we weren’t told by an ideologue obsessed with pushing her politics and the Palestinian narrative.

Thanks to Warren for seeing through all of the self-referencing claptrap.

If you are on Twitter please retweet his comment.’   https://twitter.com/nyunggai/status/949753609230536705


22 Responses to “Fairfax attack on Danby”
  1. David Schulberg says:

    This utterly ridiculous witchhunt continues with the SMH taking up the cudgel this time http://www.smh.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/labor-mp-michael-danby-charged-taxpayers-almost-15000-for-queensland-trips-with-his-wife-20180108-h0ffdu.html
    Hasn’t the Fairfax media got anything more important to write about?

  2. David Schulberg says:

    I interviewed ABC Director of News on my radio program
    I asked him as Michael suggested to provide examples of ABC coverage of similar stories to the one that McNeill spent so much time covering i.e. the squatting Shamasneh family who were evicted and they came up with nought.

  3. Isobelle Tomki9ns says:

    Michael Danby – in the unforgettable words of The Partridge Family- ‘I think I love you!’

  4. Les Heimann says:

    As an ABC devotee for most of my 76 years I am unfortunately very aware of the lemming like qualities of the institution. In this instance Michael Danby is totally correct. It is currently fashionable for the “late left” that infest the ABC especially in their Sydney bunkers to disparage Israel and create heroes out of hate merchants and murderers. I am constantly disappointed about this. As a life member of the ALP I am not what you may refer to as a right wing zealot and when I sometimes listen to radio 3AW I hear, equally, only right wing rhetoric. The same for our newspapers that, largely, are now reduced to crusading and providing fake news. Michael Danby is simply doing his job when he calls out “foul”.

  5. Charlotte Berger says:

    We should ALL be writing to the Editors to ask why???

  6. Charlotte Berger says:

    I’m not a qualified lawyer or an expert on journalists’ charters for objectivity and fairness but by “our” ABC [Australian Broadcasting Corporation] appointing a journalist with a declared and easily found track record in support for and actively campaigning for and protesting in support of the “Palestinian Cause” with an avowed “idol” of John Pilger, may not have been an “ideal” choice as a foreign correspondent for impartial and unbiased coverage of the volatile Middle East.
    For ABC listeners such as myself, the contrast between ANY Sophie McNeill report and those done by Matt Brown or current fill-in, Norman Hermant is GLARING!!!
    Why would ABC appoint someone with an open & PARTISAN “view” on the issue?
    There HAS BEEN a huge struggle for BALANCE.
    I have been disgusted and frustrated by the lack of objectivity in ALL of Sophie McNeill’s reports and the seemingly SILENT sanctioning and approval by the powers that reign at the ABC.
    God help us now that John Lyon is in charge of the reigns at the ABC.
    He is like Sophie McNeill on steroids.

    • john nemesh says:


      Her idols are the discredited John Pilger and the English exile in Beirut–Robert Fisk–she even uses his propaganda methods

  7. Roy Sims says:

    Sophie McNiel has “form” hasn’t she?
    It’s a pattern. Probably at the direction of her biased employer (but maybe not!)
    For Sophie, it appears to be a case of “Don’t confuse me with the facts, my mind is made up.” It’s Israel’s fault. Always has been, always will be. My job is secure whilst I keep pointing that out …. or at least until the ABC become objective in their reporting again.
    You can keep spending my proportion of your ‘allowance’ exposing this as long as you like Michael Danby.

  8. Henry Herzog says:

    Michael is doing a pretty good job at addressing these issues all on his own. He’s the best informed, qualified and doesn’t need the sort of rhetorical conspiracy comments posted here.

  9. Adrian Jackson says:

    One other point Melbourne Ports Federal Electorate has only a 10% Jewish constituency and they vote all over the place like the other 90% who are not Jewish.

    Many Jews watch the ABC, like other non Jewish viewers do, and some may not agree with Mr Danbys more right wing views either.

    Caulfield Jewish voters are about 30% in Caulfield electorate but it is a state seat.

    • David Schulberg says:

      Adrian, there’s a important principle involved here. You are intimating that only Jews care about what happens with issues affecting Jews. I would hope there are others concerned about the ABC operating as a pro-Palestinian propaganda machine.

      • Adrian Jackson says:

        My point is that Danby spends most of his time on 10% of his constituents.

  10. Terry Davis says:

    Their ABC should be sold off in bits so that Barmy Bill Shorten can never put Auntie together again. It never comes close to being objective, as its charter requires. So don’t reform it, sell it and save about 1.5 billion of taxpayers’ money each year.

    Fairfax? No problem. It is so biased to the green left that its readers have long since deserted it as a serious newspaper. It (being Fairfax) will go bust, at which point I’ll open a bottle of Israeli wine, hopefully produced by Jews living in Judea and Samaria, to celebrate the Fairfax demise.

    • Adrian Jackson says:

      Besides having no advertising, a major plus, the ABC is prime viewing and listening for millions of Australians.

  11. david singer says:

    I didn’t realise the Herald printed as news something that happened three months ago.

    This story was done to death back in October 2017.

    Why has the Herald rehashed it now?

    I know this is the silly season when Australia is in holiday mode – but this is really ridiculous.

    If I was Michael Danby I would be demanding an explanation from the Editor of the Herald.

    Shame on the Herald.

    • john nemesh says:

      why not try to sue them?

      • david singer says:

        I don’t think the Herald can be sued for publishing stale out-of-date news.

        How this story was ever considered for publication in the Herald is a mystery indeed.

      • Adrian Jackson says:

        What is your case to sue the ABC or are you just talking fake news.

    • Charlotte Berger says:

      We should ALL be writing to the Editors to ask why???

    • Adrian Jackson says:

      The article was also in the Canberra Times on the same day it was in the Sydney Morning Herald which Sydney people call The Herald.

  12. Leon Poddebsky says:

    It’s good to see that Mr Danby has not been intimidated by the axis of the ABC and ALP Enemies of Israel and the Jews Syndicate.

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