Face to Face with Ari Briggs

February 25, 2013 by Henry Benjamin
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Former Sydneysider Ari Briggs now lives in Ra’anana and is Director of International Relations with Regavim…a Jerusalem-based organisation which contests in court claims made  the Bedouin over ownership of State and  privately-owned land in the Negev. Watch the video Face to Face interview ahead of his public meetings in Sydney and Melbourne.

Ari’s meetings are co-hosted AFASI [Australians For A Secure Israel].


19 Responses to “Face to Face with Ari Briggs”
  1. Michael says:

    I never thought I’d ever agree with Comrade Stillman when he talks about ‘ethnic cleansing’

    I guess Stillman must be referring to the Arabs ethnic cleansing of the Jews around 1948 form Arab lands or maybe he’s referring to the Arabs and Muslims joint efforts to try to ethnic cleanse the Jews from Israel and the Middle East if they had the chance.


    • Shirlee says:

      You know what Michael?

      People like Larry Stillman should divorce themselves from us, if everything about Israel is so loathsome and wrong about Her to them. All they are doing is harm.

      Israel has enough to cope with situated as it is in the middle of hostile countries. She doesn’t need people of his ilk telling Her what she can and can’t do.

      They have no right. If they want that privilege go live there there or stay shtum. Anyhow I would have thought looking at their Facebook page you have enough to take care of elsewhere in the world without demonising Israel, the only free and democratic State in the Middle East.

      • Paul Winter says:

        Shirlee, calling on AJDS, IAJV, etc to divorce themselves form the Jewish community is a waste of time because they maintain their standing in their reference groups by posing as the “good” Jews in contrast to us Zionist, democratic and Western values supportiing “bad” Jews.

        What we need is to identiy and to publicly exclude them on the secular front and to persuade our rabbonim to place a herem on them.

        We must make it clear to the world that Jews cannot support the enemies of Israel and Judaism. People who speak in support of islamofascism must not be allowed to pretend that they speak as Jews.

        And the Bedouin who break Israeli laws must be dealt with by due process in the same way as Jews are. The Israeli political and judicial political elites who exempt non-Jews from the law must be removed from positions of influence. Regavim is doing the right thing and so is Im Tirtzu. PC be damned! Allowing the enemies of Jews to walk all over us, breeds more violent hate and contempt for Jews and the Jewish state.

  2. LIZZIE says:

    Thanks so much for that, Mr Benyamin I was pretty ignorant about the content of that interview [ie the topic] but I am not now! Ariel Briggs is a great advocate; he’s eloquent, handsome and really knows his onions. I have faith he shall go far.

  3. Michael says:

    Shirllee ,
    I consider the NIF Franchises here , AJDS, ACJC Academics, IAJV, Progressive movement in Australia, the idiots at JCCV that have joined hands with the Islamic Council of Victoria who are promoting the Anti- Semitic Clerics coming here next month, the same idiots at our Jewish Orgs in ST- Kilda and Elstenwick that continue to invite so called Human rights lawyers who double up as Islamic community /Palestinian activists , Jstreet franchises here are all ”Palestinian Useful Idiots’…


    • Shirlee says:

      OMG Michael

      I cannot believe that. What the hell is the matter with these people.?

      I really think we have to make a concerted effect for the JCCV to stop supporting these vile antisemites and I include the organisations you mention in that. Both Jew and non-Jew

      If the JCCV doesn’t then we need to get them unaffiliated with the ECAJ.

  4. Captain Cook says:

    Bravo, bravo. A man after my own heart.

    Dont give those goat herders an inch!

    No documents? No registration of land ownership? How could they possibility believe they have any rights to the land on which they live.

    I can’t think of any other civilised country in the world that would recognise such a loose connection to land as a basis for some form of ownership.

    You make me proud Ari.

    • Ben David says:

      “Can’t think of any other civilised country in the world that would recognise such a loose connection to land as a basis for some form of ownership”

      How about the the Kalahari bushmen, nomadic Australian aborigines and American Indians as well as plenty other nomadic indigenous folk whose rights to land have been recognised over the years.

      Are you by any chance the original Captain Cook ? He too never consider the links that these people had to the land to be sufficient to qualify for any rights. Its all res nullius isn’t it ? I guess the High Court must have got it totally wrong in Mabo.

      Ben David

      • Shirlee says:

        Big difference Ben

        The bushmen of the Kalahari are indigenous to South Africa, Australian aborigines are indigenous to Australia and American Indians are indigenous to North America.

        The Bedouin are indigenous to Saudi Arabia, though in more recent times they have moved looking for greener pastures.

        • Ben David says:

          No difference. The Bushman, Inuit and Aborigines migrated even longer distances than Bedouins who crossed over from Saudi from between 14th and 17th century. That makes them indigenous by modern standards.

          They are certainly more indiginous than most Israelis.

          Am not saying their settlements should be uncontrolled or chaotic but if you start from the false idea about their right to some kind of existence in the area then don’t be surprised by the response from the “enemy within”.

          Ben David

          • Michael says:

            Ben David

            Pity you didn’t come and listen to Ari. I did and learnt a lot. There are 200000 Beduin in the Negev and 130000 live in seven settled towns built for them by Israel who pay their taxes and are Israeli citizens.

            The other 70000 are outside the grid,pay no taxes and build illegally. They run illegal businesses and extortion rackets and are polygamists who rort the system. As citizens of Israel they receive all the welfare entitlements that other Israelis receive.

            There is one town built to house 35000 Beduin in which only 7000 live. The recalcitrant 70000 are not interested in moving in to this area.

            Give us a break with your uneducated nonsense.

  5. Michael says:

    Ari must be on the right track his biggest critics besides the Arabs are the NIF , AJDS, Peace Now to name a few.

    • Shirlee says:

      Michael, I hasten to add, you should have lumped all of our far left Jewish groups together under one heading:


      A rhetorical question “Why do we need any others, these people are doing it for us?”

  6. Larry says:

    It is a great pity that a former Australia has found his calling as the supporter of ethnic cleansing through “lawfare”, and an even greater shame that other Australians support it.

    http://972mag.com/rightist-groups-creeping-state-influence-on-both-sides-of-green-line/55149/ . To quote part of this — “Regavim does not deal with settling the land with Jewish Israelis, but rather with the expulsion of the Palestinian population on both sides of the Green Line. The association is active in Area C of the West Bank, in the Negev, the Galilee and the “mixed cities.” In all of these arenas, Regavim has one clear goal: the brutal and selective implementation of planning and construction laws, encouraging the state to demolish Palestinian homes or public buildings. The demolition orders issued lately for the entire Palestinian village of Susya in the South Hebron Hills are the fruit of its labors.”

    • Michael says:


      Lawfare has been engaged in by a multitude of NGO’s funded by foreign Governments and wealthy foundations and organisations aimed at undermining Israel’s national interest.

      Those NGO’s are understandably miffed that a small under resourced group like Regavim is seeking the Court’s assistance to end illegal building by Arabs – and are winning their cases.

      Area C is under Israel’s total administrative and security control.

      Law breakers – Jews and Arabs – must be equally liable to suffer the consequences for engaging in illegal building activity.

      The West Bank is not the Wild West and lawbreaking Arabs will be subjected to any orders the Court makes.

      If someone builds illegally in Australia they will be subjected to the force of the law.

      Why should it be any different in Israel?

      What’s your gripe – other than to engage in Israel bashing?

      • James Cook says:

        Thank goodness Michael you have the sense to refute Ben David and Larry’s nonsense.

        You are right to point out that all people in Area C must obey the law. So what if for Jews living in Area C that means obeying the laws made by their elected Parliament and for Palestinians in Area C that means obeying the decrees made by the Israeli military governor. It is still the law.

        And of course people should only be allowed to build if they have a building permit. Those who build so called ‘illegal outposts’ have a permit from god to settle the land for the Jews. So what if no permits are issued to Palestinians? They should go live in Jordan where there are plenty of building permits to go around.

        It’s hard to understand what these Arabs are complaining about. Israel even builds walls for them but its never enough!

        • Shirlee says:

          James the building issue in question in the main is in the Negev, which is State owned land and no one is permitted to build on it.

          Check out the web site, read through all the drop down menus and watch the videos too. Then you will see what is happening in the desert.

          It’s like the old Wild West if the US a complete state of lawlessness. The government has built beautiful towns for the Bedouin which lie empty. They prefer to live where they don’t pay rates, levies or tax. They have solar energy, drain water from and pollute the underground water supply. They are involved in highly illegal activities

          Bedouin Gangs Ch10 Regavim expose.

  7. Maxine says:

    We are so impressed , Ari, with the work you are doing for Medinat Israel. Moriah College and your parents have produced an exemplary student embodying their values of Torah im Derech Eretz and Zionism.

  8. Shirlee says:

    Good one Ari. Keep up the great work you and Regavim are doing

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