Attack at Bondi Beach

October 26, 2013 by J-Wire Staff
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Police have detained three males after five people were assaulted near Bondi Beach overnight.

About 12.30am this morning, a group of four men, aged 66, 48, 39 and 27-years-old and a 62-year-old woman were walking along Blair Street when they passed a group of eight males.

Police have been told the males made derogatory comments towards the group and assaulted them. J-Wire understands that the remarks were of antisemitic nature.

The melee continued along Glenayr Avenue until the arrival of officers from the Eastern Suburbs Local Area Command.

The males attempted to flee however officers arrested two 16-year-old males and a 23-year-old man.

The group were taken to Waverley Police station where they are assisting with inquiries.

All five adults were injured suffering concussion, a fractured cheekbone, a possible broken nose, lacerations and bruising.

They were treated at the scene by Ambulance Paramedics and conveyed to St Vincents Hospital.

Investigations into the incident continue.

Officers have urged anyone with information about the incident to come forward.

A police spokesperson told J-Wire that the assailants are in custody but not yet charged.

The spokesperson added that there was a likelihood there could be charges laid under the  1977 Anti-Discrimantion Act. J-Wire understands there is provision within the act to deal with cases of racial vilification.

Federal Labor MP Michael Danby told J-Wire: “”Let’s have no political correctness over who these thugs are.¬†They should be responded to with the full force of the law,receive maximum jail sentences to show that anti-Jewish violence is totally unacceptable in Australia.”



15 Responses to “Attack at Bondi Beach”
  1. Jeffry says:

    Semitic people are not disregarged in this community, (Semitic being of course with special regard to those practicing the Hebrew faith), most Jewish people have no idea how many peoplle in Australia carry the same genetics with little or no religious connection to Judaisism. I have spent my life as a Celtic/Semitic/Eastern European Mongrel etc… and with my ‘experience’ in Government Service I would counsel Jewish Australians that the service of you and your children to this Nation has been of such value and the Australian belief in proving yourself worthy so well satisfied, that, (with the usual Jewish vigilance), you may feel that however you dress, however you observe your faith, you WILL be treated as Aussies.

  2. Schwarcz says:

    Jews have to send a message . Jewish blood is not cheap . Is it not a time for the jewish defence league just like the 80s

  3. Alexandra says:

    It is a shame that anything like this could happen in a free country. I am a Viennese Jew having lived in Australia for the past 16 years, never could I imagine that antisemitism would reach the down under.
    These creatures should get the maximum jail sentences possible. If there was a death penalty, that is exactly what they would deserve.

  4. steve says:

    ..Eleonora……i’m not asking you to believe me….2000 years of history speaks for itself….(btw, what scripture. Are you referring to?)

  5. Eleonora says:

    Sorry Steve, hate to tell you but you are wrong. Most Christians do not hate Jews, a few are totally lost and haven’t got a clue just as there are Jews who have no understanding of scripture and are totally lost. Pot calling the kettle black.

  6. steve says:

    …pope pius x11…..yes,us Jews have certainly learned a lot about taking care of ourselves from the christian world….kate

  7. steve says:

    Kate……is this some sort of joke?
    what on earth will joining the council of c’s and j’s have to do with this?
    what planet are you on?
    ….oh,you mean that christians will stand up for Jews? Read your history books,kate….we will always be viewed in christian eyes as christ killers….ever heard of bloodlibels,kate…..ever heard of

  8. steve says:

    Make an example of these Nazis.
    give them LONG sentences.
    …..otherwise,just wait for more of the same

  9. Kate says:

    At a time when even Hungary and the Ukraine have just held serious, government supported conferences on antisemitism, it is appalling to come across this story. In Australia. On Bondi Beach.

    I urge all to join the Australian Council of Christians and Jews as one measure demonstrating convictions that are genuinely Australian.

  10. Yosi says:

    These dogs will be back on the streets in no time on bail to inflict more damage.our Judges will slap these jew haters on the wrist if we are lucky while those injured will have months of painful and slow recovery ahead of them.The justice system in this country is a joke.

  11. Paul Winter says:

    When will we learn a bit more about the back-ground, ethnicity and religion of the attackers?

    How come none among the people witnessing the initially verbal and then the physical abuse of that group of Jews called on the abusers to shut up and then intervene to stop the assault of 4 men and a woman by 8 males? The numbers were more than uneven. All attacks are reprehensible, but an attack on a middle aged woman by young men is beyond anything that any civilised society can tolerate.

  12. Pity Michael Danby is not as strong on standing up for homophobic violence as he is for anti-semitic violence, especially considering the rate of homophobic violence is more prevalent, and directly affects a significant number of people in his electorate.

    • Sam says:

      Once again Michael Barnett is only worried about himself.
      This should concern him two-fold and has nothing to do with Michael Danby.

      Michael Barnett who do you think you are?

      Considering this site is monitored, I would like to know why they publishes this kind of uncalled for and very off topic verbal attack.

      • Otto Waldmann says:


        … occured to me that this story is about “attacks” and how to eliminate them. It also occured to me that you are…………attacking Michael Barnett !!

    • Aaron says:

      Obviously all forms of violence, especially against minorities is intolerable, and politicians should make note of all cases of this. However Danby strongly condemns ALL hate crimes be they racist, homophobic, anti-semitic, xenophobic or any other. The struggle arising from yesterdays tragedy is not exclusively for Jews, this time it was against us, tomorrow it may not be. In terms of his policies reflecting his constituents, you can’t stand here and tell me that as MP for the second most Jewish electorate in the country he should probably come out against this. Maybe you should try and make an event like this a uniting one in combatting all manifestations of intolerance rather than pushing one agenda over another

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