Antisemitism is un-Australian

December 5, 2017 by J-Wire Newsdesk
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Greens Leader Richard Di Natale has spoken out against racial hatred in  the wake of  The Executive Council of Australian Jewry report of the rise of antisemitic incidents in Australia.

Richard di Natale

Richard Di Natale said: “In light of the recent report by the Executive Council of Australian Jewry, which found a 9.5% increase in total antisemitic incidents in Australia, I have a clear message: The Greens will not stand for discrimination or hatred.

Harmful stereotyping of races and whole communities has no place in Australia. The findings of this report indicate there is a small group in our society who are focused on manipulating fear and hatred for either political gain or because of outright racism.

The language we use matters. Our words count.  For centuries, the Jewish people have been the target of grotesque caricatures that are at the root of antisemitism. The Greens are determined to see an end to antisemitism at any level, be that an antisemitic barb while in conversation with family, friends or colleagues, or the inflammatory, derogatory material circulated by the far-right.

The recent Social Cohesion report from the Scanlon Foundation indicated that support for multiculturalism has remained steady for the last 10 years. This demonstrates that Australians are a compassionate people, who understand not only the importance of multiculturalism, but that our diversity is central to our nation’s identity.

So I have a clear message for anyone who engages in antisemitic speech, and racism more generally. Your words are damaging. Your actions are vile. And you are not the majority.”


8 Responses to “Antisemitism is un-Australian”
  1. Joe Weinstein says:


    “Words are a Creative FORCE”

    “Words” can create, inspire and elevate. Conversely “Words” can be completely destructive. They can begin arguments; destroy peoples lives & start Wars, Gd forbid.

    Richard di Natale, Greens Leader (5/12/2017) is reported as saying: “The language we use matters. [and] Our words count” …OK. And it was nice to hear also that he said: “The Greens are determined to see an end to anti-Semitism at any level…”. If we can trust his words we ought to be applauding his words.

    As Jews, I dare to say, we KNOW more about “Words” and “Language” than anyone else on this Planet; after all we are the “People of the Book”. The best leaders, advisors, debaters, Doctors & Lawyers in this world have always been the Jews.

    At our most basic learning “In the [our] beginning” We learn that “Gd created….” Our World (indeed all worlds) with “WORDS” (Source: Torah; Berashis …)

    However, for many reasons, based on history; I am are very sensitive to the Critical “Words” used against Jews, Judaism & Eretz Israel and Our general Way of Life.
    It is detestable that some “Members of the Party”, The Green Party, have clearly expressed opposition to Israel and the Jews. I am not pleased about that.

    In particular when The GREENS showed clear support of all of the Negative Language and Words used by the proponents within the BDS movement. BDS also protested with simple “Words”, however they were (/are?) “Words of Hate”; hate towards Israel & Zionism (which I think are just another form Anti-Semitism). And the Greens, I think, are still supportive of the BDS anti-semitic movement.

    I will be very pleased if anyone can prove that I am wrong; and that the Greens no longer support BDS.

    The BDS (“The Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions [against Israel & their products]); was formed on the basis of their false perception that: Israel’s are the “oppressors” of the “Palestinians” (as if the “Palestinian” Land & their rights were Stolen!?!)

    When we sense, Read or Hear any Anti-Semitism “Words”, I think, we should no longer be quiet (as we did in the past). Jews ought to identify and REPORT all Anti-Semitism; We ought to stand up and be proud of our True Heritage and act against the Wrongful “Words” & “Language” used against the Jews & Israel.

    In history it was the Criticising “Language” and Fabricated “Words” that led to Torture & Murder of our people. It was only some 82 years ago (1935) in Nuremberg, Nazi Germany when only ordinary “Words” and “Language” used; led to the creation of the written LAWS that made it LEGAL to MURDER People; Jews in particular. These “words” were disguised as “Laws for the PROTECTION of German Blood and German Honour”

    “The Final Solution” & the “Jewish Problem” were also ONLY “Words” & “Language” of that time.

    So I hope you don’t mind me using Critical “Words” against anyone that supports BDS; which I think includes numerous members of the GREEN PARTY.

    Joe Weinstein

  2. David Schulberg says:

    No media release has appeared on the Greens website.

    • Joe Weinstein says:


      Why am I not surprised. It seems that these were just Appeasing “words” towards the Jewish Voters

      Joe Weinstein

  3. Liat Kirby says:

    Dear Richard,
    I agree fully with the remarks made by Peter Wertheim, and applaud him for making them. For too long it’s been an easy way out for those practising the contemporary form of anti-Semitism he speaks of to self-righteously proclaim against those who practise neo-Nazi style anti-Semitism, thereby feeling smugly secure about their own biassed platform. We now have a situation of virulent anti-Semitism coming from the left as well as from the right and this is making for a dangerous situation for Jews everywhere.

    There are many members of the Greens who, in their fervent support for the Palestinian people and their particular agenda for a nation state without recourse to negotiating with Israel to get it, would deny the Jewish people of Israel their own State and their own peoplehood. None have been more active or relentless in pursuit of that goal than Lee Rhiannon. She has been allowed to bring her own personal obsession into her political life as a Greens Senator of our Federal Government and exercise it consistently and publicly.

    It is only May/June of 2016 that I wrote to her by email, with a copy to you, pointing out the inappropriateness of her having used parliamentary funds to finance banners and leaflets for the 2016 Nakba rally in Sydney. There is also the Australian Greens for Palestine leaflet, a document lacking in balance, in some cases factually incorrect, and highly provocative in nature. This leaflet was authorised by the Greens and although printed earlier than 2016, was distributed at the rally. I received no response at all from you to my email, however, Rhiannon’s Campaign and Policy Adviser, Bjorn Wallin, contacted me, saying that he accepted that I had legitimate political disagreements with the booklet, ‘however all the content is within Greens policy.’ He went on to say that regarding my claims of factual inaccuracy, ‘we would be happy to review any sources you can provide. I would say, however, that the five points you have listed under ‘omission of facts’ in your original email are essentially political arguments.’

    You say that the language we use matters. That words count. Yes, it does and yes, they do. You say the Greens are determined to see an end to anti-Semitism at any level. And you say that the Greens will not stand for discrimination and hatred. I ask you to take a look at that Australian Greens for Palestine leaflet and see how it measures up in your eyes with all those statements in mind. And I ask that you and your members cease your efforts to depose and dispose of a Jewish State in order to replace it with a Palestinian one.

  4. Peter Wertheim says:

    Dear Richard
    Your comments are very much appreciated. I have no doubt that your condemnation of antisemitism, and indeed all forms of racism, is well-meant and entirely sincere. The rub is in the definition of antisemitism. It is not enough to condemn antisemitism only when it emanates from the usual suspects on the far Right of politics. Condemning Nazi-style antisemitism is a no-brainer and in Australia requires no courage. The real test of courage is to condemn the more insidious contemporary forms of anti-Semitism, as the ECAJ has done, in the face of political vilification by those we expose, and threats of lawsuits for defamation.
    I urge you to have a close read of Part 1 of the ECAJ Antisemitism Report especially under the headings “What is Antisemitism?”, “A Brief History of Antisemitism”, “Working Definition of Antisemitism”, and “Contemporary Forms of Antisemitic Discourse”, from which the following comments are drawn.
    Antisemitism has been part of recorded history for 3,000 years. It is not a static phenomenon. Like a disease, antisemitism has mutated in order to adapt to changing circumstances. In pre-Christian and pre-Islamic pagan societies, it had a cultural basis. With the advent of rival forms of monotheism, Christianity and Islam, this cultural prejudice gave way to religiously-based hatred. The Jews’ refusal to accept the theological claims of Jesus or Mohammed elicited, and still sometimes elicits, indignation and demonization from their respective followers. Christian doctrine held Jews collectively to be eternally guilty of Deicide, a belief not officially abandoned until the second half of the twentieth century.
    From the late 1800’s onwards, religious antisemitism was eclipsed by the anti-Jewish racial theories eventually embraced by the Nazis. These theories were put forward in the name of genetic “science”, but without the slightest evidentiary foundation. With the discrediting of Nazi racial doctrine, antisemitism went underground for several decades. It has now returned with a vengeance.
    Contemporary antisemitism often takes the form of a denial of Jewish peoplehood and basic rights. To try to redefine the Jewish people as a non-people so as to suit the interests or convenience of others is not only dishonest but also an assault on the human dignity of every Jew. This is quintessential antisemitism, as has been acknowledged in the Working Definition of Antisemitism adopted by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA), made up of 31 democratic member countries. Australia last week upgraded its status on the IHRA.
    I am sure you would unhesitatingly condemn as racist any assertion that the Palestinians are not an authentic people and are not entitled to the right of national self-determination. But when people on the far Left, including some in your own party, make identical assertions about Jews, a kind of moral paralysis sets in.
    No matter what criticisms you might have of the policies and actions of any Israeli government, and no matter how well-founded or ill-founded those criticisms may be, there can be no justification for denying our identity as a people, or our right of national self-determination. To single out the Jewish people as the only people in the world to be denied that right, despite the duration and intimacy of the Jewish people’s connection with the land of Israel, including as an organised polity, over 3500 years, is discrimination – and therefore racism – pure and simple.
    When you and the Greens finally confront this form of antisemitism, in addition to the older more familiar forms, you will earn our respect.
    Warm regards

    • Joe Weinstein says:

      Thank you Peter, and WOW!

      If I may “amplify” something on what you wrote:
      “Christian doctrine held Jews collectively to be eternally guilty of Deicide, a belief not officially abandoned until the second half of the twentieth century….”

      I’m glad you clearly said “officially” since I can verify that “unofficially” and “on the ground” that kind of Anti-Semitic LIE is, unfortunately, Alive and Well. The official “instruction” has not filtered down to the “masses”. How do I know this …. is very simple, although I am and “Observant Jew” (some think “Mishugene From” lol), I spend a considerable amount of time on Construction Sites and interact with “ordinary” men, some are of the christian persuasion. And it’s more of the “European” descent than not; and they openly tell me what they were/are taught; You & I, individually, are GUILTY and forever, collectively and individually. It remains to be Bizarre.

  5. LeonPoddebsky says:

    Anti-Zionism is antisemitism.
    The Greens are an anti-Zionist party. They are in the vanguard of the movement to deprive Jews of national self-determination.
    These sorts of pronouncements are cynical, transparent hypocrisy.
    We are not fooled by wolves in sheep’s clothing.
    This is akin to Linda Sarsour ,an anti-Zionist zealot’s speaking at a supposed meeting about anti-semitism.

    • Joe Weinstein says:

      Yes indeed Leon,

      As for some of the Politicians of Christian background; how do we “Un-teach” almost 2,000 years of Lies about Judaism and the Jews. I wish I could believe that it is possible; but I no longer do.

      It seems that there is HATRED first; followed by seemingly “intelligent” REASONING to support that hatred. As with what Peter Wertheim said: “…religious antisemitism was eclipsed by the anti-Jewish racial theories [a clever Evil “Teaching”] eventually embraced by the Nazis. These theories were put forward in the name of genetic “science”….”

      As long as Jews were/are alive we remind (staunch) Christianity of much of which is against their belief; so the main reason they wanted (& to a much lesser extent today; still want) to CONVERT us (in the LOVE of you know who), I think, was (/is) to “prove” their beliefs are True. Converting a Jew (with a Neshoma) was/is, in my mind, an impossibility, even with the threat of Torture & Death. That is why it has been such a disaster for Christianity. Since they were not able to convert us; they expelled us; when they could not Convert or Expel us they Murdered us.

      Who killed “their Christian” (Jewish Man/) God, they were always taught since the early Fiction was created; it was/is YOU the Jew (individually & collectively). And so, in their mind, they had the “God Given Right” to Torture & Kill “The Jew” (all and any Jew). So when you have that “instruction” passed on generation to generation, millions of people for 100’s of years; the conclusion is pretty obvious;

      Christian church still HATE us and BLAME us; not as many & not as much.

      The only chance we have, I think, is when we Proudly & Honestly behave like Jews and Have a STRONG Israel; that is the only thing they will respect.


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