Anti-Israel rally in Melbourne

April 8, 2018 by J-Wire Newsdesk
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There was a pro-Israel presence at Saturday’s Melbourne anti-Israel/Jewish rally sponsored by Islamic Council of Victoria and a myriad of Palestinian activist groups and far-left political groups.


Police was at hand to keep the two factions apart.

Michael Burd reports: “On the Palestinian side there were Muslim/Arab community members and what looked like recent Muslim African refugees mainly female and hard-core anti- Semitic Socialists. There were maybe a few hundred all together but all very vocal , very enthusiastic , prepared and with a lot of anti- Israel propaganda material to distribute.

On the pro-Israel side there was no official representation from the Jewish community. There were no JCCV, ZFA, AIJAC or ECAJ representatives as far as I could see and no AUJS Representatives or young Jewish students that I could see.

Avi Yemeni lead a small group of protestors supported by secular group Q Society and political group ALA headed by Debbie Robinson who travelled from Perth specifically for this event.

There were Christian Zionists and a small group of Jewish members of the community besides myself and two  other broadcasters from J-air Morris Klein and David Shulberg.

There was a very heavy police presence who kept the very aggressive predominately Muslim demonstrators away from the small pro-Israel contingent across the road.

Speeches were given by both sides.  Avi Yemeni’s team played the Australian national anthem followed by the Hatikvah.”


10 Responses to “Anti-Israel rally in Melbourne”
  1. Adrian Jackson says:

    Michael – Assimilation is better than multiculturalism and is a recent idea pinched from Canada in the 1970’s.

    Having sub groups living separately and predominately not speaking English is counter productive for Australia. They need English to get a job and exist here.

    For 200 years before all new Australians assimilated and things ran pretty well except, for the Aborigines up until the early to mid 1960’s when Menzies legislation allowed Aborigines onto federal electoral rolls and later the 1967 referendum took place.

    Victoria Police were present to maintain order. I happened to be the CBD to listen to an Austrian boys choir at St Pauls and I noticed 3 mounted police in Swanston Walk near St Pauls but did not see evidence of the demonstrations.

  2. Michael Burd says:

    To Adrian yes the pro- Israel ALA is pigeon holed Right wing the irony is it is them and the other so called right wing Q Society also pro _Israel that have backed Israeli born activist Avi Yehemni at this Rally and supplied the Israeli Flags and all the pro– Israel placards. Once again the bulk of the Israel supporters were non Jewish , quite embarrassing actuality in my view .

    The photo of the tall guard in Black was one of the private security guards engaged by Avi Yemeni required to keep the supporters of Israel safe from the extremist Muslims and leftist fascists across the road:

    Yes your comment re: “Multiculturalism’ is appropriate a bit like flogging a dead horse those that push this out of date concept are the very types that never turn up to these type of rally’s to see how some our immigrants really think :

  3. David Schulberg says:

    I wish to explain that I (David Schulberg not Shulberg) was there in my capacity on behalf of JMedia Online filming the event for our armchair Zionists.

  4. Boyd Alexander says:

    May I enquire. Under new laws I have heard of, isn’t it now not permitted to cover your face at a rally? I see a few Antifa-types in these pictures with scarves and glasses. That’s still acceptable?

    Also, in the first picture a man is holding “Why Israel is a terrorist state- A socialist analysis.”. I see the_why_analysis runs a full paragraph…looks like those Socialists have upped their game!

  5. Michael Burd says:

    Lynne that is your opinion and your are certainly entitled t it . I guess if the combined Jewish communal organizations had organized their own Pro- israel rally letting the public and he media know the other side you would have a point however this is not the case

    The long lasting strategy of the Jewish communal organizations of not giving oxygen , turning the other cheek, not making waves or putting pen to paper has clearly not worked and the PR war against Israel has only become even more ferocious . You wern’t there so unable to give any credible commentary I saw the hatred the passion of mainly Muslim /Arab members of our community urged on by the hard left , violent anti- Semitic Socialist what I consider storm troopers.
    I can understand Jewish community members being afraid especially our young Jewish youth who are not used to confrontation and it does take a lot of courage I would say also moral courage to turn up and wave the blue and white flag . I personally interviewed two hard core activists one Australian Born the other Arab/Muslim when I asked them if them the question does Israel have a right to exist the Aussie said No and the Arab/Muslim { i presume Australian citizen but i did not ask him ] he said loudly and clearly the Jews should go back to Europe { this interview with both is on the Nothing Left FB page have a listen.. so much for the Left wing claptrap mantra of Multiculturalism , Diversity, Inclusion , tolerance blah blah blah ..of course AUJS or any of the other Jewish communal body’s do not have to attend each and every anti- Israel rally we have the right wing groups and Christian Zionists to to that for us >

  6. Michael Burd says:

    What I left out of my report was the Greens Party were not surprisingly represented at this Anti- Israel rally with Booth promoting their anti- Zionist party to their constituents flying the Palestinian flags and anti- Israel placards .

  7. Adrian Jackson says:

    Looking at Q Society and ALA websites they appear to be right winger who are Islamophobic.

    An equal match politically with the far left winger socialist mentioned in this article.

    Who is the big bloke with a beard in the black uniform who was not a policeman? You displayed two photos of him here.

  8. Lynne Newington says:

    The fact there were “no official Jewish representitives” means nought. Did the collective Jewish community request the protest?
    The pen as an alternative sharper than a sword [nothing is ever missed that I have read]……and improving your arguement as sucessful as raising ones voice without causing physical confrontation that could escalate into an all round public brawl.

  9. Adrian Jackson says:

    Yet another multicultural success story.

  10. Ben Gideon says:

    Joyous Blessingsi

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