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May 28, 2015 by Henry Benjamin
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Associate Professor Jake Lynch has retained his position at the University of Sydney following the disruption by protester of a lecture delivered in March by pro-Israel British military man Colonel Richard Kemp. A comment for J-Wire readers…

Associate Professor Jake Lynch

Associate Professor Jake Lynch

Jake Lynch told J-Wire: “”I am relieved to have kept my job. My sole motivation for my advocacy on issues regarding Israel and Palestine is a sincere wish for peace with justice for all the peoples of the region. So I am also affirmed by the finding, now for the second time after last year’s Federal Court case, that nothing in my conduct amounts to anti-Semitism. I am an opponent of the present policies of the State of Israel, but that does not make me an enemy of Israelis, let alone the Jewish people”.


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  1. Jan Poddebsky says:

    Does anyone really imagine that not being affirmed would change who and what Lynch is? If he had been found to be anti-Semitic the university might have been embarrassed to be harbouring an anti-Semite. Now the university is besmirched by its finding that everyone knows to be false.

  2. Paul Winter says:

    Natan Sharansky’s 3Ds of antisemitism are: demonisation, delegitimisation and double standards.

    The laughingly called Peace and Conflict Studies Centre portrays Israel as an apartheid, aggressive, colonising, illegal occupier of lands belonging to another people. All falsehoods!

    It supports BDS action which pretends to seek Israel’s compliance with aims it claims are just and valid, but in point of fact aim to undermine the Jewish people’s right to self-determination.

    It magnifies minor events, distorts others and invents most accusations against Israel, ignoring all the good it does in a region filled with evil to which it turns not a blind eye, but two blind eyes. In particular, it blinds itself and seeks to blind others to the evil of the gangs it champions, the so-called Palestinians.

    Lynch’s mantra of peace and justice is merely a facade for an ongoing conflict until the mob it backs wins. There must first be peace and then issues of justice can be discussed. The “Palestinians” have not kept a single term of any document they signed. They have abrogated the terms of UNSC 242 by applying to international bodies. They have not even honoured the simplest of terms like ceasing incitement. And they are Jew-haters: they claim a baseless right of return while demanding that their future state be Jew-free and their propaganda organs including their religious ones preach hatred for Jews.

    And Lynch tells is with a straight face that he is not antisemitic.

  3. Rita L. says:

    A semite = “…a member of any of various ancient and modern peoples originating in southwestern Asia, including the Akkadians, Canaanites, Phoenicians, Hebrews, and Arabs…”

    First lets get the semantics out of the way:

    Arabs are semites. The prefix “anti” means (being) “against”. Ergo: antisemites are people who are also against Arabs.

    During nazism, “Antisemitism” was accepted by Mr. Schickelgruber et al as meaning exclusiveley “Judenhass”.

    Now my personal reasons:

    A german born non-Jew, I am fighting Judenhass (Jew Hatred) wherever I see it, and I see it more and more. One of the most frequent and also most disingenious answers I get is: “Arabs are Semites too”. I have grown soooooooooo tired of this bad faith argument, that I corner “them” now immediately by suggesting they are “Jew Haters”, as I dont want to waste time with semantics. While “antisemitism” might sound more erudite, I think “Judenhass” or “Jew Hatred” is stark, direct and it is what all that is about.

    Oh, and I dont conform to edicts issued under Hitler.

    And then I think, time is getting short and we must hit the Jew Haters straight between the eyes, metaphorically speaking, of course.

    • Erica Edelman says:

      Thank you dear Rita, for it was clear the semantics of it all was getting out of hand. On and On and On go the people who want to shine linguistically.

      It is time to forget semantics. It is time to forget the minutiae of trying to be succinct and economical of speech.

      You can explain away, use any verbs, adjectives, pronouns etc – Jew-hating, anti-Israel, anti-Jewish, antisemitic (Mr Seidner, this word was made for the Jews, not the Arabs…)..many more bastardized words that mean EXACTLY the same thing! Whatever the words or phrases, THE HATRED MUST STOP!

      It is a LOWLY, COWARDLY AND IN-HUMANE assessment of an entitled, brilliant, scholarly, brave and forward-thinking race of people who call Israel their home. A people who, by birth, are entitled to fight for the land from which they were expelled – not once, but many times by super powers who were threatened with the ways of the Jewish people. A people who by the grace of G-d are still on this earth to grow the world through brilliance in academia and many other life streams. Through a sheer tenacity to survive enemies.

      The Jewish people of Europe and Israel, by nature, are not an aggressive race of people. They have become increasingly more aggressive to protect themselves, their families and their loved ones. And the very ground that is holy to them. (That they are willing to share it, is truly miraculous after all that has been done to try to destroy their life-blood).

      When the “Jew-haters” (read: Lynch) get real about what is REALLY making Israel behave in the manner its behaving, then, and only then, will Israel have peace and quiet on her shores.

      And then, and only then, will Lynch and all the other “Jew-haters” of this world have to find some other way to satisfy their relentless, self-serving, self-satisfying hunger and thirst to condemn and annihilate their Jewish brothers.

      Because at the end of the day, and in war; it will most probably be the Jews of Israel doing the majority of the dirty work against ISIS. Let’s get very real about that!

  4. Liat Nagar says:

    The one word that stands out strikingly in Lynch’s comment to J-Wire is ‘relieved’: ‘I am relieved to have kept my job.’ It is obvious from the use of that word ‘relieved’ that he underwent a large degree of anxiety in relation to his actions and intent, that he perceived it more than possible that this time he might just have gone too far. You might have got away with keeping your job, Jake Lynch (and did we really expect otherwise from Sydney University?), however, you are more than exposed for what you are, and no amount of false defence in rhetoric and general platitudes about being an opponent of the policies of the State of Israel, makes the slightest difference to that.

    You are a blight on the academic stature of the University of Sydney and the Department of which you are Director is not deserving of existence for the reality of the role it plays.

  5. Geoff Seidner says:

    OK people: it is not easy to find the progenitor of the ANTI SEMITISM word here is the informative link below. MAY THE NAME OF WILLIAM MARR ALSO BE OBLITERATED!

    As can be seen the term’s popular use is unfortunate: better, if one can manage to just call them JEW HATERS

    Kindly note that the sometime descriptor of AS is sometimes touted to be ‘THE IRRATIONAL HATRED OF JEWS’ – is unfortunate and should be avoided.
    The unintended corollary is that rationally it makes acceptable to hate Jews!


  6. Rita L. says:

    He certainly is not an Anti-Semite, seeing how he schmuses certain semites, you know the ones who want to wipe the Jews and Israel off the face of the earth. They are not hiding it, they are declaring it publicly.

    So this individual Lynch (what an appropriate name and descriptive of his activities), is – as he correctly says, not an anti-semite, but merely a “Jew Hater”.

    That is my personal opinion.

    • Erica Edelman says:

      Last time I checked “Jew hater and Antisemite” meant the same thing.

      Like I said before, Lynch can run, but he CAN’T hide.
      Unfortunately he’s made the dirty smudge on his page in history and it can’t
      Be rubbed out!

      Most will be watching to see if he starts behaving in an adult fashion that is becoming and decent and is commensurate with the University of Sydney’s efforts to keep him on.

    • Geoff Seidner says:

      Erica – why do you not check google where the anti semite term comes from?
      It has nothing to do with ‘semites’

    • Geoff Seidner says:

      You too, dear Rita – Check google.

  7. Leon Poddebsky says:

    Why on earth would any Jewish student or parent of a Jewish student wish to inflict on themselves the ambience of the antisemite incubator known as The Sydney University “Peace” centre?

  8. Geoff Seidner says:

    One can exhaust oneself in rebutting the manifest ISRAEL HATRED ensconsed in nefarious, venomous, easily disprovable, deliberate gross distortions of this man Lynch.

    His raison detre is claimed to be merely an ”opponent of the present policies of the State of Israel.” What [unsweet] reasonableness!

    Yet understand that the arch – principle of anti semites is that they not only never feel obliged to admit to being debunked – but shift ground in disparate ways. There are too many examples of this policy of media manipulation.

    IT IS THE CLASSICAL CHIMERA OF THOSE WHO MAKE A CAREER OF LOATHING THE MIDDLE EASTS ONLY DEMOCRACY – by merely by claiming to merely be an ”opponent of the policies of Israel.” As above article.

    Not that one ever sees a word opined by him against the mass – murderers / so – called radicalized youth in all arenas around him!

    One needs merely to be not willfully blind.

    A law should be passed declaring that people cannot repeat the internicine defacto blood libels without implications / sanctions.


  9. Erica Edelman says:


    You can run, but you can’t hide. It’s all just a matter of time. You are WAY past being on notice. You need to do some SERIOUS research into your reason for being and doing.. Read some history books and talk to some GREAT politicians and academics who know and understand Middle Eastern Politics. Start with Dr Colin Rubenstein (Melbourne). He will teach you a thing or two just in case you plan another protest. Come to think of it, why don’t you spend the rest of your tenure showing/explaining to your wider audiences/ your mates/colleagues/students/ faculty just what antisemitism does to the world and how unproductive it is to humanity. After all, Lynch, you do work in a department which is SUPPOSED to promote peace – don’t you?

    A WORD TO THE UNIVERSITY OF SYDNEY: On this issue you chose most unwisely. But then, it’s business as usual. Jobs for the Boys.

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