Concern as radical Muslim group organises seminar

September 19, 2011 by Community Editor
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The Melbourne Jewish community has expressed its concern over a planned seminar in the city of radical Muslim group Hizb ut-Tahrir.

John Searle

The group is virulently anti-Israel and the West, and has been banned in numerous countries overseas, including many in the Middle East. Its October 14 seminar, titled Afghanistan – 10 years of injustice, oppression and failure, will debate topics such as “Australian blood for an American war?” and “29 troops dead… how many more to come?”

Jewish Community Council of Victoria President John Searle said: “Hizb ut-Tahrir is an extremely dangerous group that promulgates the worst kinds of anti-Semitic and racist sentiments. Our concern is for those who may be influenced by their vile rhetoric under the guise of debating Australia’s involvement in Afghanistan.

“We have seen around the world the problem of home-grown terrorism and we certainly would not like to see the seeds of that type of behaviour sewn here on our shores.

“I call on police to monitor the seminar closely so that our way of life can be protected for the benefit of all Australians”.


10 Responses to “Concern as radical Muslim group organises seminar”
  1. Tim says:

    I find it strange that Australians are calling for a ban on hut because they oppose australias involvement in Afghanistan. They almost come across as being concerned for the lives of ordinary Australian troops facing an unwinnable war. Perhaps they have a point?

  2. Otto Waldmann says:

    More importantly,what are doing our islamic friends, the moderates, group photo opportunists linking ears with smiles alongside the Jewish leaders famous for bridging “differences”, coincidentally until such occasions occur ??!! The answer, for everyone to understand: GURNISCHT !!!

    As we have traditionally found ourselves between anti Semites and Jew Haters, abandoning friendly approaches will allow Jew hatred to function totally …unattended, making us feel guilty for not responding in a civilised manner. On the other ( in fact the very same ) hand, attending to a community whose well established “ethic” is the elimination of the Jew ( has vSholem !!) seems to allow the same community the exploitation of a completely false image of “reason” and adjustment to contemporary moral imperatives. Can we win the current challenge ??!! I reckon YES by confronting ALL islamic entities with a firm statement of reality checks.
    Hizb-ut-Tahris represents the inner, closeted, feelings of some muslims, overtly branding “moderation”, as well as the very overt manifestations of those who must ensure that the “discreet” ones can depend solidly on the “martyrdom” of their brethern.

  3. Ace says:

    The Australian government is obviously snookered behind the judicial system in order to enforce a ban on HuT. So in the mean time the best way to tackle any ideology is through intellectual discourse. I say meet up with them and show them who really holds a credible viewpoint.

    The way I see it, if HuT are not banned it means they are not violent. If they are not violent then debate. Knowing that they won’t bite what’s the worse that can happen? If they do bite then, with a formiddable legal team to show they’re violent, you all got the ban you so badly want.

    HuT are not banned in the USA, UK or even most of the western countries. UK has the harshes anti-terror legislations in the world and yet HuT are still alive and kicking without a smell of a ban anywhere near them. So you all got 3 options:

    1) Wait for a ban that will never come,

    2) Complain amongst yourselves, or

    3) Entertain a debate.

    To be honest, a ban is not what they need. It’s a serious intellectual battle. A ban is only to easy for them. Th

  4. Laila says:

    If it is banned by tyrants Gaddafi, Asad or Mubarak then it doesn’t really say much does it – middle eastern dictators have banned any form of political debate or discussion..
    And does one really think we are so stupid to believe this group is anti-semitic or racist? It opposes Israel as do many people around the world.
    And what happened to the right for people to express differing views? Is it ok so long as they don’t go against the status quo or the dominant ideology?

  5. Gary Rumain says:

    Shirlee, it certainly is!

  6. ASIO’s argument is that they can better observe and infiltrate when HuT is not forced underground. Strange they don’t always apply the same ‘smart’ principle for drug dealers, weapon smugglers, or paedophiles. Could it be all that Saudi oil money which brings us such cultural enrichments?

  7. Nick Folkes says:

    Hizb-ut-Tahrir is a vile anti-Jewish, anti-Israel and anti-Western political movement motivated to re-establish a pan-Islamic caliphate. We only have to look at the Ottoman Caliphate to remember the murder of millions of innocent people and their displacement in lands conquered by the invading muslims.

    HZT is banned in most Arab nations and was banned in Russia in 2003 and also in Germany in 2006. In Beslan Chechen Jihadists murdered over 380 Russian children in 2005. The Chechens contnue to have links to HZT.

    The APP held two protests against HZT calling for their ban but Attorney General Robert McClelland said, “there is no threat to Australia as they haven’t been linked to any terrorist activity yet”. Unfortunately the ALP lives in a world of perpetual denial and will not ban this group.

    Part of the doctrine of multiculturalism is cultural relativism. Muslims who espouse violence and hatred towards others due to their religion find escape as the political correct brigade fail to understand our Judeo-Christian culture is under threat by a bankrupt third world political ideoology.

  8. Sabra says:

    why aren’t the seminars banned by virtue of anti-vilification laws?

  9. Sabra says:

    Why aren’t these seminars simply banned under the law of racial vilification????????

  10. Shirlee says:

    My goodness.!!! Don’t tell me that someone is FINALLY waking up to Hizb ut-Tahrir

    This video is the Sydney demonstration Jan 31 2011

    The third speaker is especially worrying

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