Walt Secord says NSW Nationals must release names of 22 neo-nazis banned for life

November 4, 2018 by J-Wire Newsdesk
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NSW Labor has accused the NSW National Party leader and Deputy Premier John Barilaro of protecting the 22 members banned for life for their links to neo-Nazi movements by refusing to name them, saying he is trying to avoid embarrassing the Berejiklian Government as some have worked as campaign and government staffers for them.

Walt Secord

NSW Labor frontbencher Walt Secord called on Mr Barilaro to release the names of the 22 members and to stop protecting them, saying they are a “cancer on Australian democracy”.

“They do not deserve to be protected. They deserve to be exposed to the whole community for their odious views and activities.”

“These poisonous elements should be exposed to the broad daylight. It is mindboggling that the Liberals and Nationals would want to protect them, and it is only because they have benefitted from their branch-staking and infiltration that their identities remain a secret,” Mr Secord said.

Mr Secord was responding to weekend reports that 22 people out of 35 people under investigation for their links to alt-Right and neo-Nazi groups, have been given lifetime membership bans while the membership status of a further 13 members remains unanswered.

It is understood that those blocked from membership may have had membership in the Australian League of Rights, the Lads Society, Squadron 88, The Dingoes, New Guard or Antipodean Resistance.

The Antipodean Resistance leads its website with the slogan “White Revolution is the only Solution”, compares itself with the Hitler Youth and promotes xenophobic, anti-Semitic and homophobic views.

The NSW Nationals announced the bans on Friday, but has so far refused to confirm the names of the  members.

It has also refused to explain or the status of the remaining members of the party who were alleged in Fairfax reports to be “caught up in the allegations”, including a member of the NSW Young Nationals Executive, a senior operative who works for the party’s federal secretariat, and is a former campaign manager for the NSW Deputy Premier.

Mr Secord, who is Deputy Opposition leader in the NSW Parliament’s Legislative Council and Deputy Chair of the NSW Parliamentary Friends of Israel said this has turned out to be one of the largest infiltrations of any major political movement in recent years, and that the NSW Nationals response was simply not good enough.

Walt Secord told J-Wire: “The Liberals and Nationals have been very slow to act and originally tried to deny the extent of the infiltration. Now, they are banning them, but they are refusing to say who they are.

We have been advised that some of those on the list have links with senior members of the Berejiklian Government.

These groups are downright disgusting and have no place in Australian politics.

They are offensive to the survivors of the Holocaust and Australian veterans who fought Nazism during World War II.

It is completely unacceptable in this day and age that a mainstream political party like the NSW Nationals would allow itself to become a safe haven for neo-Nazis” Mr Secord added.

NSW Labor’s calls also echo comments made by NSW Nationals Senator John Williams who over the weekend said that any members found to have been “putting up all these rots” should be “booted out”.



The NSW Young Nationals have been linked to right-wing groups which have expressed racist comments about Jews and Asians and have targeted LGBTI groups – as well as espousing pro-Adolf Hitler sympathies and calling for the execution of LGBTI community members. Members also posed for photographs in front of Nazi uniformed guards.

Mr Secord said the infiltration plan was an old political tactic used by extreme right-wing groups in the 1970s; the racist and anti-Semitic Australian League of Rights attempted similar tactics with the Queensland National Party. At the time, the tactic was called “entryism” and the attempt was fought by then-Nationals leader Larry Anthony (Snr) and former Queensland Senator Ron Boswell.