Yad Vashem seeks names of unknown victims

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Since 1955, Yad Vashem has worked to fulfil its mandate to preserve the memory of the six million Jews murdered in the Holocaust by collecting their names, the ultimate representation of a person’s identity. Read more

A new campus for Yad Vashem

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Yad Vashem is to build the new Shoah Heritage Campus which will house at its heart the new Shoah Heritage Collections Centre. Read more

Must Jews and Poles keep fighting about the Holocaust?

It’s never wise to get into an argument about the Holocaust with Yad Vashem…writes Jonathan S. Tobin/JNS. Read more

Polish moves to rescind criminal penalty from Holocaust Law

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The World Jewish Congress has welcomed Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki’s decision to recommend to parliament that it reopen discussions on its new Holocaust Law so as to rescind criminal penalty for suggesting that Poles bore some responsibility for the destruction of Polish Jewry.  Read more

Prince William visits Yad Vashem

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Prince William, The Duke of Cambridge, visited Yad Vashem, the World Holocaust Remembrance Centre as part of the first ever, official British royal family visit to Israel. Read more

Proposed Polish law “historical obfuscation”

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The World Jewish Congress has strongly objected to a proposed new Polish law which would criminalise suggestions that Poland was responsible for Nazis crimes, calling it “an act of historical obfuscation and an attack on democracy.” Read more

Flashes of Memory

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Yad Vashem, the World Holocaust Remembrance Centre in Jerusalem, has inaugurated a brand new exhibition entitled “Flashes of Memory –  Photography during the Holocaust.” Read more

The Turnbulls visit Yad Vashem

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Australia Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and his wife Lucy have visited Yad Vashem World Holocaust Centre in Jerusalem and reiterates “as we stand with Israel and the Jewish People”. Read more

Netanyahu: “We will never allow another Holocaust to take place”

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Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has  addressed the International Holocaust Remembrance Day at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem. Read more

A Holocaust Pesach diary

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Yad Vashem has published excerpts from a Melbourne woman’s diary chronicling her time in the Gabersdorf Labor Camp in the hope they can learn more about the women incarcerated there. Read more

Kiwi educators at Yad Vashem

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A group of twenty New Zealand high school teachers and educators have been attending a course on Holocaust studies at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem. Read more

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at Yad Vashem on International Holocaust Remembrance Day

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s spoke at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem at yesterday’s International Holocaust Remembrance Day commemoration. Read more

Learn online about the Holocaust

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To mark the  International Holocaust Memorial Day, FutureLearn, a social medialearning platform, has launched free online courses exploring the history and ongoing scholarship of the Holocaust…one created by Tel Aviv University and the other by Yad Vashem. Read more

The 1,700,000 missing names

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Jerusalem’s Yad Vashem says  that German efficiency during WWII in documenting those who perished at the hands of the Nazis is a misnomer…almost 2 million victims remain unnamed. Read more

International Holocaust Remembrance Day – UNESCO

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Marking International Holocaust Remembrance Day,  Yad Vashem has been presented with a Certificate of Recognition by UNESCO marking the inclusion of the Pages of Testimony Memorial Collection in the UNESCO Memory of the World Register. Read more

Teachers off to school in Israel

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Fourteen Victorian educators were farewelled prior to participating in The Gandel Holocaust Studies Program for Australian Educators at Yad Vashem, Jerusalem. Read more

Yad Vashem founder passes away

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Yad Vashem has been saddened by the death of Prof. Israel Gutman, a survivor of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising and Auschwitz who was a leading and trailblazing historian of the Holocaust in Israel and abroad. Read more

Australian educators at Yad Vashem

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Australian educators have attended a seminar at Yad Vashem. Read more

Carr @ Yad Vashem

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Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs Bob Carr has visited Yad Vashem in Jerusalem. Read more

New Exhibition at Yad Vashem

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Traveling to Israel? Already there? Yad Vashem is launching a new exhibition to commemorate International Holocaust Remembrance Day. Read more

Ambassador to attend Kaddish Concert

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Australia’s ambassador to Israel, Andrea Faulkner, will attend a special performance of Lawrence Siegel’s “Kaddish – I am Here” at Yad Vashem next month. Invitations to to the public are confined to Holocaust survivors. Read more

Two Australians at Yad Vashem Educational Conference

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Jeremy Jones and Lynette Chazan will join 200 decision makers in the field of education, from approximately 40 countries – including Austria, Canada, Croatia, France, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Poland, Spain, and the United States – in participating in a unique educational conference at Yad Vashem next week. Read more