Invasion of the ‘body counters’

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Almost every headline about the latest Gaza violence focuses on the number of Arabs who were killed the previous day…writes Stephen M. Flatow/JNS. Read more

Gaza and the worthlessness of international opinion

Was the Palestinian “March of Return” a propaganda success for Hamas? If you think Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is a reliable barometer of international opinion, then maybe the answer is “yes.”…writes Jonathan S. Tobin/JNS. Read more

Tunnel vision…writes Michael Kuttner

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Tunnels have been in the news recently. Read more

UNICEF acting to add Israeli military to list of ‘grave violators of children’s rights’

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The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) is spearheading a campaign to include the Israeli military on a U.N. blacklist of “grave violators of children’s rights” that includes terrorist groups like Islamic State and Boko Haram, according to a new report by the NGO Monitor watchdog group.

Read more

New elite military unit ready to defend Israel from Gaza terror threat

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A new elite IDF infantry unit is about to take up its position along Israel’s border with the Gaza Strip.  Read more

Israel’s terror tunnel discovery spotlights the ‘real proxy of Iran’ in Gaza

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When it comes to terrorism emanating from the Gaza Strip, most public attention usually focuses on Hamas, the group that rules the coastal enclave…writes Yaakov Lappin/ Read more

Hamas terror tunnel discovered under UN refugee agency’s school in Gaza

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The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) stated Saturday that it had discovered a Hamas terror tunnel located underneath one of the U.N. body’s schools in the Gaza Strip. Read more

Hamas’s reported agreement to cease terror against Israel seen as ‘highly unlikely’

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Under the new unity deal brokered last week between the Gaza-controlling Palestinian terror group Hamas and the Palestinian Authority’s (PA) ruling Fatah party, Hamas reportedly agreed to cease all terror attacks against Israelis…writes Adam Abrams/ Read more

PLO-Hamas referendum could boost Trump peace plans

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There is little hope that reconciliation talks between Hamas and Fatah will end a decade of bitter internecine feuding which has seen a parallel entrenchment of territorial divisions between them in Gaza and the West Bank…writes David Singer. Read more

Abbas demands Hamas dismantle its military as precondition for unity government

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Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas said on Monday he would not allow the Gaza-ruling Palestinian terror group Hamas to keep its weapons and armed brigades if control of the coastal territory is transferred to the PA. Read more

Trump won’t swallow Erekat’s PLO-Palestine poison pill

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Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) Secretary-General Saeb Erekat has managed to grab international headlines to promote yet another PLO canard regarding the 100-years-old Jewish-Arab conflict…writes David Singer. Read more

Palestine – Netanyahu sends clear message to Trump, Putin, May and UN

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Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu has had a busy week meeting with UK Foreign Minister Boris Johnson in Jerusalem, President Vladimir Putin in Moscow and then back to Jerusalem for a five-hour meeting with President Trump’s Special Representative for International Negotiations – Jason Greenblatt…writes David Singer. Read more

Education without borders

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‘Education Without Borders,’ a special exhibition has opened at the Palais des Nations in Geneva, shows how Israel is alone among Mideast nations in providing continuing education for all hospitalised Israeli children, including Arabs and minorities, and Syrian refugees. Read more

Journalist reports that “she hasn’t been harmed”

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Israeli naval commandos have boarded and taken control of the activist boat ‘Freedom Flotilla III’ – tying to break the Gaza blockade. New Zealand journalists were on board. Read more

Welcome to Israel

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Israel has “welcomed” passengers on a ship headed for Gaza but intercepted by the Israeli Navy. Read more

Kiwi media ‘climbs aboard’ for Gaza

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A New Zealand team from Maori Television has joined Freedom Flotilla III, which has just set sail from the port of Messina, Italy to link up with other ships taking supplies to Palestinians in Gaza. Read more

(UN)limited obsessions continue…writes Michael Kuttner

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Another week and more obsessive, unmitigated outpourings of condemnation issue forth from groups which are dedicated to slandering the Jewish State. Read more

UN Human Rights Council Report of the 2014 Gaza conflict: The ZFA’s initial response

The fingerprints of Israel-phobic UN Human Rights Council staffers are evident throughout the report into last year’s conflict in Gaza  by that body’s supposedly ‘Independent Commission of Inquiry’. Read more

Responses to the U.N. Gaza Conflict report

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Response from Israeli leadership and the WJC   to the report issued by the United Nations on last year’s Israel-Gaza conflict has been swift. Read more

Hamas mulling truce…in exchange for seaport

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Hamas leaders are discussing a possible five-year cease-fire with Israel during a meeting with Qatar, according to the Palestinian Al-Quds newspaper. Read more

Was Israel’s response in the 2014 Gaza War disproportionate?

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Days before the release of the United Nations Human Rights Council report on the 2014 Gaza War, the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs has released a 3-minute video that confronts one of the main accusations made against Israel throughout and after the war—that Israel’s response to Gaza’s rocket fire on Israeli civilian population centers was “disproportionate.” Read more

Gaza war means a particularly sobering Yom Hazikaron for Israel this year

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Since Israel was founded in 1948, its numerous wars have taken a heavy toll on its small population…writes Sean Savage/ Read more

Don’t mention the war…writes Michael Kuttner

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Do you remember the episode from Fawlty Towers where a group of German tourists was due to visit and Basil, played by John Cleese, warned his staff “don’t mention the war?” Read more

Sydney Morning Herald cartoon breached Press Council’s Standards of Practice

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The Press Council has deemed a controversial cartoon published in the Sydney Morning Herald in July last year during Operation Protective Edge in Gaza to have “emphasised religious persuasion rather than Israeli nationality” and had breached the Council’s Standards of Practice. Read more

For Israeli families bereaved by Gaza war, a ‘lonely journey’ is still in its early stages

“There isn’t a day that I don’t think about him.” Shosh Goldmacher tells Maayan Jaffe [] Read more

Palestine – Mapping The Truth Erases A Long-running Fiction

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The US State Department Bureau of Consular Affairs has featured a map on its website – which both rejects and corrects the misleading use of the terms “1967 boundaries” and “1967 borders” – which have never existed in relation to any territorial subdivision between Israel, the West Bank and Gaza. Read more

Perth woman talks of her Gaza experience

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Elle Shmuel spoke to members of the Perth community of her experiences in Gaza during Operation Cast Lead. Read more

How to win a Walkley…writes Emily Gian

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Step 1: Become Middle East Correspondent, Step 2: Write incessantly against Israel Read more

Gaza – Australian Politicians Duped By Dud Declaration…writes David Singer

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The Canberra Declaration on Gaza signed by 76 current and former Federal and State parliamentarians displays their total factual ignorance and political naiveté concerning the war raging between Hamas and Israel for the last six weeks. Read more

Truce does not equal peace…writes Michael Kuttner

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One of the problems we face these days is the inability to recognise reality even when it smacks us in the face. Read more

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