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September 7, 2010 by J-Wire
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Internationally renowned, Alex Jacobovitz is an Orthodox Jewish marimba player on the streets of Munich, Milan and Krakow, when he isn’t playing in newly re-opened synagogues in Poland. During this year’s High Holy Days,  he will be in the newly renovated Joachimstaler Strasse Synagogue in Berlin for Rosh Hashana.

Music is the conduit of his Jewish soul and also the way he bridges the gap of understanding to the post-Holocaust generation.  Jacobowitz says ‘artistry may be the new prophecy in a post modern world.’  For Shoshanna Keller who is 87, and lives humbly in a flat in Melbourne, writing poetry has been a spiritual practice for 70 years.  She shares her poems with strangers these days, and they are touched by the beauty and spiritual message they communiticate.

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