Muslim who decried Hanson’s anti-Islam views on Q & A had reference to “Jews” as “pigs” on Facebook

July 21, 2016 by Julie Nathan
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On the ABC’s Q&A program on July 18, Khaled Elomar was invited to pose a question to one of the panellists, Pauline Hanson of the far Right One Nation party. Hanson was elected to the Senate at the recent Federal election. 


Khaled Elomar               ABC-TV  Q&A

Elomar complained about her anti-Islam statements and policies, telling the audience that he has been called “a Muslim pig” ever since Hanson re-entered politics and spoke publicly against Islam. His words were applauded by the audience and this was watched by about 1 million viewers of the program.

Elomar, as it turns out, is on record on his Facebook page of doing precisely what he accused was being done to him – referring to people as “pigs” on account of their religion.

In November 2014, a comment was posted on Elomar’s Facebook page in Arabic referring to “Jews” as “pigs”.  The comment also called on God to curse the Jews. The comment is reproduced below:


  • “May Allah curse the Jews pigs”



Following exposure, the “Jews pigs” comment on Elomar’s Facebook page disappeared.

Will the ABC now do the right thing and share the findings of the disclosure with the 1 million viewers of Q & A? Don’t hold your breath.

Julie Nathan is the Research Officer for the Executive Council of Australian Jewry