Meet Lenny Gross

April 26, 2018 by Henry Greener-The Shtick
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Lenny Gross has established Positive Directions as a regular social group to facilitate friendships and support, to develop structures, boundaries and routines, to eliminate loneliness and despair amongst young people who may lack self-esteem and self-worth…a video report.

Lenny’s past experience and involvement at Access Inc., which looked after people with disabilities and special needs, has lead him to address issues in a field which deals with those afflicted by learning difficulties, chronic health conditions, social anxiety and autism spectrum issues.

With a dedicated team of social workers, dietitians, personal trainers and art therapists, Lenny co-ordinates, facilitates and supports all aspects of this program as a mentor, life coach and counsellor. Next door to Lenny’s Deli is where his daughter Sam Gross has set up a gym with room to work out and a back yard training area. Positive Directions has a Mission to enhance Physical Wellbeing, implement a Nutrition Plan and facilitate Social Integration.


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