Legacy of UNRWA

March 24, 2017 by David Bedein
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A video is about The UNRWA Legacy.

Produced by Israel Resource News Agency, Centre for Near East Policy Research Jerusalem



6 Responses to “Legacy of UNRWA”
  1. michael Burd says:

    Yeh Adrian we see Jewish , Buddhist, Hindu boys act like this no wonder Palestinian live in the dark ages , pathetic ..Israel needs to build their wall longer and higher keep out the barbarians>

    • Adrian Jackson says:

      In the 1960’s we kid in North Balwyn played soldier, cowboys and Indians, bobbies and bush rangers, cops and robbers etc. Didn’t you do that in Toorak?

      • Adrian Jackson says:

        The USA are “playing soldiers” as adults but usually the “Indians” have won since 1945.

  2. Adrian Jackson says:

    Cute still photo at the three boys playing “soldiers”. Boys will be boys.

  3. Bella Ceruza says:

    Great Video – but regrettably typical of much of Israel’s pathetic PR, the Hebrew subtitles to the hate speech are of no use in circulating this material globally.

    The material needs to be circulated among the world, not just Israel.

    Are the idiots who produced this material actually working in PR on this planet or some other? – ie they have produced great material, placed only Hebrew subtitles, thus not only limiting usefulness, but in some ways making the video counter-productive.

    In fact, the Hebrew subtitles infer to skeptics that it is this video that is propaganda, not the other way around.

    • David Bedein says:

      As the “idiot” who produced this film, I would like to refer the reader to the version of this film that ran without Hebrew subtitles, and welcome the comment of the reader who wants this film to be shown widely. Our agency would welcome sponsor(s) to help us cover the costs of screening the film, accompanied by our experts who are fluent in Arabic. People may contact us at:

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