Find your rabbi

November 12, 2010 by Henry Benjamin
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Chances are you have a Chabad Rabbi if you belong to an orthodox congregation. 4,000 of them posed for a group shot outside the Chabad HQ in New York this week. Can you spot yours?…It was a convention for shulachim from all over the world…and they took the opportunity to record the event.

Among the 4,000…Rabbi Levi Wolff, Rabbi Mendel Kastel, Rabbi Eli Cohen, Rabbi Motty Feldman, Rabbi Nochum Shapiro, Rabbi Alon Hazi, Rabbi David Saban, Rabbi Dovid Slavin, Rabbi Yehuda Spielman, Rabbi Yanky Berger, Rabbi Yossi Engel, Rabbi Yossi Feldman, Rabbi Haim Zvi Groner, Rabbi Zvi Telsner…and many, many more