Employment: Sydney

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BJE is seeking to employ a Youth Engagement Coordinator

If you have a passion for Israel and enjoy working with teens, we are looking for you!

For further details contact Hilit Man, CEO on 9365 7900 CEO@bje.nsw.edu.au

Applications close by 17 April 2018


One Response to “Employment: Sydney”
  1. Meshelemiahu S. Villaflores says:

    April 20, 2018

    Hilit Man
    CEO of NSW
    Board of Jewish Education

    Dear Sir;

    Good day!

    Today is a friday, so advance Shabbat Shalom! My name is Meshelemiahu S. Villaflores, 24 years old, from Philippines. I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Nursing. I graduated last October 2014. I also had my share of experiences in the field community and in Hospitals.

    I am writing this letter because i am very interested to be a Youth Engagement Coordinator. I love working with teenagers. I have plenty of teenage cousins that i hang with so i don’t think dealing with them will be a problem, in fact, it’s gonna be happy and interesting environment that i’d be happy to be involved in.

    I am also a practising jew. My whole family is. We are families by blood, and we live in a small community that we’re the only ones who are practicing Judaism and living a simple jewish life.

    Here in the Philippines, only in Makati City, Manila is where the main and acknowledged synagogue for the jewish community is located, which is in Luzon and the Philippines is divided into 3 parts which is from North is the Luzon, Central is the Visayas which my family lives and Mindanao which is the south area of the Philippines.

    I am applying for this because they’re a lot of rabbis who came to visited and donated torahs, tallits, tefillin, kippah and judaica accessories like yod and shofar, but i also want to be able to experience a jewish community and what it’s like to belong and to relate to people with the same belief and traditions.

    Hoping for your kind and honest consideration.

    Again, Shabbat Shalom.

    Respectfully yours,

    Meshelemiahu S. Villaflores