Danby and Marrickville Preferences

February 23, 2011 by J-Wire
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Dear Editor,

The NSW Opposition apparently plans to issue no preferences in the coming State election in the seat of Marrickville. This is a marked contrast to the Liberal policy in Victoria at the recent State election which the Liberals won. The Liberal decision not to issue preferences against the Greens is made possible by the optional preferential voting system. It will mean that the chief proponent of the Watermelon faction of the Greens, Fiona Byrne, the woman who has driven the boycott Israel policy as Mayor of Marrickville may well be elected to the NSW Parliament.

Remember Marrickville General Manager Ken Gainger revealed that 86.25 hours of staff time have been devoted to trying to implement an anti-Israel resolution plus an unspecified amount of ‘unrecorded time’. The cost is said to be ‘unquantifiable’ because Council staff do not operate according to a time costing system (informally we have heard that the cost to date is well over $30,000 – and that’s even before the formal report about implementation has been completed).

This is a scandalous waste of resources. Marrickville Council has never received a mandate from ratepayers for this expenditure of their money which could have been applied to fixing broken footpaths, clearing dumped rubbish and upgrading the library and other local services. Voters in NSW do not need a ratbag local councillors in the NSW Parliament. Unfortunately the decision of the NSW Opposition to sit on the fence means that an avowed enemy of the Australian Jewish community maybe elected to Macquarie Street. At this eleventh hour, I hope the community can pressure the Libs to do the right thing and get them to stop this Green radical being elected.

Michael Danby MP

Federal Member for Melbourne Ports