Feb-26 9:35pm Viceland-TV: Hate Thy Neighbour – Forbidden Love In Israel

Comedian Jamali Maddix goes eating, drinking, relaxing and partying with groups spreading hate across the world in an attempt to figure out what perpetuates their prejudice. Read more

Feb-26 Sydney: Silk painting

NCJWA invites you to make a challah cover. Read more

Mar-01 2:00pm SBS-TV: Who Do You Think You Are? – Marianne Faithfull

Singer and ’60s pop icon Marianne Faithfull had a difficult relationship with her mother, Eva. Marianne investigates Eva’s early life as a dancer in 1920s Berlin, the era immortalized in the film Cabaret. Read more

Mar-03 6:00pm SBS-TV: Food Safari – Jewish

In the final episode, Maeve O’Meara explores the delicious and complex world of Jewish food – full of age-old traditions and customs. Read more

Mar-08 11:50pm SBS-TV: Movie – Paris-Manhattan

Idealistic pharmacist Alice is obsessed with the movies of Woody Allen. Read more

Mar-05 Sydney: A Night of Music

A Night of Music and unity featuring Zahava Pinson. Read more

Mar-12 11:15pm SBS-TV: Movie – Ajami

This Cannes award winner and Oscar-nominated film presents life in the impoverished and dangerous neighborhood of Ajami where Jews, Christians and Muslims live and work together on a knife’s edge of religious tension. Read more

Mar-15 Melbourne: Time to change 18C?

JCCV – Beit Aharon – MSPA Debate on 18C featuring Mark Dreyfus MP, Tim Wilson MP, Rabbi James Kennard and Georgina Downer.  Moderated by ECAJ President Anton Block. Read more

Mar-20 Melbourne: Jewish – Muslim Comedy Debate

Muslim Comedy Debate featuring Father Bob as Moderator, comedy stalwart Steve “Bedders” Bedwell, TV celebrity Mo Elleissy, young comedian Michael Shafar, Creative Director of the Jewish Comedy Festival Justine Sless and more… Read more