Feb-27 4:00pm Viceland-TV: The Mindy Project

Mindy reunites with her “first kiss,” Sam (guest star Seth Rogen). The two reminisce about their time at Jewish summer camp, and soon rekindle the sparks of their teen romance.

Mar-04 5:30pm SBS-TV: Hitler’s Secrets – The Monster

Having bathed in adulation and success for a decade, this episode discovers how Hitler reacts when the tide of war turns against him.  Read more

Mar-02 12 noon Viceland-TV: Movie – The Round Up

In picturesque Montmartre in 1942, three children wearing a yellow star play in the streets, oblivious to the darkness spreading over Nazi-occupied France. Read more

Feb-18 5:30pm SBS-TV: Hitler’s Secrets

Hitler tightens his iron grip on Germany and turns his sights to conquest. Read more