On the other hand…writes Michael Kuttner

October 21, 2017 by  

Discoveries, innovations and world “firsts” combined with other positive developments kick start the post (Jewish) New Year into high gear. Read more

Post holiday precipitation…writes Michael Kuttner

October 20, 2017 by  

On the last day of Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles) we pray for rain over the forthcoming winter season. Read more

DIY – Do It Yourself…writes Michael Kuttner

October 4, 2017 by  

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With the week long Festival of Sukkot upon us it is timely to acknowledge the DIY efforts which have coincided at this season. Read more

On the other hand…writes Michael Kuttner

September 30, 2017 by  

While North Korea, Iran and the Palestinian Authority export terror, Israel is busy exporting life saving and life enhancing technology. Read more

New Year – what has changed?…asks Michael Kuttner

September 29, 2017 by  

With a New Year welcomed by Jews worldwide and Yom Kippur imminent, those who thought that a new era of tolerance and peace was about to dawn must surely be disappointed. Read more

On the other hand…writes Michael Kuttner

September 16, 2017 by  

From here on earth to outer space, Israel continues to achieve great things benefitting not only its own citizens but humanity as a whole. Read more

Achievements and challenges…writes Michael Kuttner

September 15, 2017 by  

As we approach the High Holyday Festivals it is worthwhile to assess the achievements of the past year and the challenges looming in front of us for the year ahead. Read more

On the other hand…writes Michael Kuttner

September 9, 2017 by  

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Under reported by most of the world’s media, Israel continues to make positive advances in the fields of medical research while at the same time offering assistance to other countries. Read more

Caught by their own words and deeds…writes Michael Kuttner

September 8, 2017 by  

Once upon a time individuals making outrageous statements or engaged in dubious deeds could get away their actions because their behaviour went unreported. Read more

On the other hand…writes Michael Kuttner

September 2, 2017 by  

Whether it’s helping the disadvantaged at home or abroad, Israel is setting an example. Read more

Failing grades…writes Michael Kuttner

September 1, 2017 by  

The long summer vacation is over and pupils are bracing for a reluctant return to school. Read more

On the other hand…writes Michael Kuttner

August 26, 2017 by  

Not a week goes by when Israel does not contribute to the betterment of humanity. Here are some of the latest examples. Read more

They still don’t get it…writes Michael Kuttner

August 25, 2017 by  

Despite the recent terror events in Spain and elsewhere it is patently obvious that most politicians and communal leaders are still in a state of blissful self induced denial. Read more

If not now, then when?…asks Michael Kuttner

August 18, 2017 by  

There have been many instances in history when appeasement instead of action has resulted in carnage and catastrophe. Read more

Beyond the point of no return

August 11, 2017 by  

The recent foiling of a terrorist plot to blow up a plane in Australia has focused attention on the threat posed by radicalised citizens both at home and abroad…writes Michael Kuttner. Read more

On the other hand

August 6, 2017 by  

More proof that Israel is indeed a light unto the nations and that our presence here is ancient and incontrovertible…writes Michael Kuttner. Read more

No longer home alone

August 4, 2017 by  

There are more than 6,300 lone soldiers currently serving in the IDF. Read more

Fuelling a failed enterprise

August 4, 2017 by  

Investors and entrepreneurs before contemplating their support for a new venture usually, if they are at all prudent, make sure that it is likely to succeed…writes Michael Kuttner. Read more

On the other hand…writes Michael Kuttner

July 29, 2017 by  

Some of this week’s good news which most probably never surfaced in your local media. Read more

The Scorpion and the Frog…writes Michael Kuttner

July 28, 2017 by  

This tale of duplicity has a moral which basically teaches us that what is fundamentally vicious will not change because one’s nature cannot be changed. Read more

On the other hand…writes Michael Kuttner

July 22, 2017 by  

Summer has kicked in with a vengeance in Israel  and we have had a succession of sizzling weeks with record temperatures and humidity. Read more

Out of the mouths of fools…writes Michael Kuttner

July 21, 2017 by  

This week has witnessed a veritable army of fools articulating everything from baseless hatred to recycled lies. Read more

On the other hand…writes Michael Kuttner

July 16, 2017 by  

Living in Israel is exciting and rewarding for those of us not consumed by the endless stream of negative dramas which the media loves to peddle. Read more

Fake News and No News…writes Michael Kuttner

July 14, 2017 by  

It is very rare for the international media to have no news about Israel. Likewise our local media hardly misses an opportunity to inform us about developments here in Israel. Read more

On the other hand…writes Michael Kuttner

July 9, 2017 by  

Amazing as it seems there is never a shortage of good news about Israel. Here are three of this week’s which may have escaped the attention of your local media. Read more

Friends and neighbours…writes Michael Kuttner

July 7, 2017 by  

New friendships consolidated, other “friends” lecturing us and our neighbours up to their usual tricks – all part of this week’s nonstop action. Read more

On the other hand…writes Michael Kuttner

June 30, 2017 by  

Those relying on their local media for good news about Israel are bound to find that positive stories are few and far between. Read more

Follow the money trail…writes Michael Kuttner

June 30, 2017 by  

Following the billions flowing into the bottomless coffers of our so-called “peace partners” and those organisations supporting them leads one with a lot of questions. Read more

Ignore at your peril…writes Michael Kuttner

June 23, 2017 by  

There are many occasions in life when ignoring the obvious can have dire consequences at some later time. Read more

Australian UN official in hot water

June 16, 2017 by  

There is a report that Israel has been requested the replacement of Robert Piper, UN Deputy Special Co-Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process and Occupied Palestinian Territory. Read more

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