‘Mockery of the Holocaust’: Macron Slammed for Visit with Abbas. Australia’s GG another visitor

January 23, 2020 by  

French President Emmanuel Macron’s meeting with Palestinian Authority (PA) head Mahmoud Abbas during his visit to Israel to commemorate the Holocaust “is a mockery of the Holocaust,” Israeli politician Sarah Beck charged in a letter she sent him on Thursday. Read more

Survey: 70% of French Jews experienced antisemitism

January 22, 2020 by  

A staggering 70% of French Jews say they have been victims of antisemitism, 59% suffered physical abuse in school and 46% suffered verbal abuse at work, according to a new survey by the American Jewish Committee (AJC) on the issue. Read more

Israel prepares for largest international event in its history, hosting of 45 Heads of State

January 21, 2020 by  

Israel is finalizing its preparation for the massive international event it will host in the coming days which will see the arrival of some 45 royals and monarchs, prime ministers, presidents and parliamentary leaders who will come to Jerusalem for the commemorating of the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau. Read more

30 parties register to run for 23rd Knesset

January 16, 2020 by  

Thirty political lists registered on Tuesday and Wednesday to participate in the elections for the 23rd Knesset, which is slated for March 2. Read more

Left-wing parties unite ahead of elections

January 13, 2020 by  

The left-wing Labor-Gesher and Meretz political parties announced today that they will run jointly as one political entity in the upcoming March elections for the 23rd Knesset. Read more

Iranians chant ‘not Gaza, not Lebanon, our hearts for Iran alone’

January 12, 2020 by  

Iranians took to the street on Saturday night and protested the country’s downing of Ukraine’s flight 752 early Wednesday which killed all passengers and crew, and called for the resignation of Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

Read more

Defence Minister launches campaign to reclaim Area C from illegal Arab construction

January 9, 2020 by  

Israel has launched a campaign to reclaim land in Judea and Samaria that is under full Israeli control and which the Arabs are trying to take control of through illegal construction, Defence Minister Naftali Bennett declared. Read more

Nahariya: Man drowns in flood while saving mother and child

January 9, 2020 by  

A man drowned in flooding caused by torrential rains in the northern Israeli city of Nahariya on Wednesday while he was trying to help a mother and child. Read more

Chief Rabbi attempts to appease Russian immigrants after calling them ‘enemies of religion’

January 9, 2020 by  

Sephardi Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef has attempted to appease the Israeli immigrants from the former Soviet Union after accusing them of being “non-Jews” who are “enemies of religion, haters of religion” who were brought to Israel for the weaken the ultra-Orthodox parties’ electoral power. Read more

Did Israeli archeologists uncover Jerusalem’s 2,000-year-old market on the Pilgrimage Road?

January 7, 2020 by  

Israeli archeologists have recently exposed the top of a rare 2,000-year-old measuring table used for liquid items such as wine and olive oil, lending support to the idea that the area at which it was found was a major town square along the Pilgrimage Road. Read more

Israel sees 70% increase in exports in past decade; exports to China increased 5-fold

January 1, 2020 by  

Israeli exports increased by almost 70%  in the past decade, the exports to China grew five-fold, and 2019 will break another record in Israeli exports which are expected to reach $114 billion, an increase of 4.5% compared to the previous year’s figures, according to a report by Israel’s Foreign Trade Administration (FTA). Read more

Germany: ICC’s Aability to launch probe against Israel ‘doubtful’; Intl. dissent grows

December 26, 2019 by  

The admissibility of a probe by the International Criminal Court (ICC) against Israel is “doubtful,” and the ICC should refrain from being politicized, the German Foreign Ministry stated, joining other countries which have voiced opposition to the ICC’s move against Israel. Read more

‘A Dark Day for Truth’: Israel Enraged by ICC’s Announcement on Probe of Alleged War Crimes

December 22, 2019 by  

Israeli leaders expressed rage and dismissed the announcement by the International Criminal Court (ICC) that is was launching a probe into alleged war crimes committed by Israel as “a travesty of justice and an overstepping” of the Court’s jurisdiction. Read more

Terrorists fire rocket at Israel, IAF retaliates

December 19, 2019 by  

Gaza-based terrorists fired a rocket at the southern town of Sderot last night. Read more

Knesset dissolves Itself again, sends Israel to elections for 3rd time in 11 months

December 12, 2019 by  

The Knesset on Wednesday night approved a proposal to disperse the 22nd Knesset and hold general elections on March 3rd. Read more

Israeli lawmaker: Corbyn is an anti-semite and a racist

December 10, 2019 by  

Member of Knesset (MK) Yair Lapid accused the United Kingdom’s Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn of being an anti-Semite and racist, just days before he is up for election in the Kingdom. Read more

Knesset to set elections for March 2 as deadline nears

December 10, 2019 by  

Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein on Monday announced that the Knesset will pass legislation on Wednesday to set the upcoming Election Day for March 2, 2020, if a coalition is not formed in the next two days. Read more

Israeli President thanks Lebanese billionaire for helping to ‘convey the legacy of the Holocaust to the next generation’

December 9, 2019 by  

President Reuven Rivlin yesterday hosted Abdallah Chatila, the Lebanese-born Swiss businessman who bought artifacts owned by Adolf Hitler from an auction two weeks ago and donated them to Israel. Read more

Another round of negotiations between Likud and Blue White fails, parties exchange blows

December 2, 2019 by  

Another round of negotiations between the Likud and Blue and White political parties on the establishment of a unity government failed, as both sides exchanged accusations and as the prospects of a third round of elections within a year loom large. Read more

‘Israel stands with the resilient londoners,’ senior official says

December 1, 2019 by  

“Israel stands with the resilient Londoners, who have again become a target of brutal terrorism,” Director-General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel Yuval Rotem stated on Saturday night after an attack in the heart of the city in which a Muslim terrorist stabbed and murdered two people. Read more

Netanyahu: minority govt backed by Arabs will be ‘celebrated in Tehran, Ramallah’  

November 18, 2019 by  

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday night assailed the Blue and White party, his arch political rivals, for their apparent willingness to establish a minority government supported by the Arab Members of Knesset (MK), a development he said will be “celebrated in Tehran and Ramallah.” Read more

Tense quiet in most of Israel as ceasefire commences

November 14, 2019 by  

A tense quiet descended upon most of Israel on Thursday morning after the Islamic Jihad terror organization announced that it had agreed on a ceasefire with Israel after 48 hours of rocket attacks on Israel. Read more

After quiet night, terrorists resume fire on Israel

November 13, 2019 by  

After a relatively quiet night, Islamic Jihad terrorists resumed their rockets attacks on Israeli civilian targets in the south and the centre of the country on Wednesday morning. Read more

Syria: 2 killed in Israeli bombing in Damascus

November 12, 2019 by  

A strike carried out by the IDF in the heart of Damascus this morning killed two civilians and wounded six others, Syria’s official SANA reported. Read more

Israel Eliminates Islamic Jihad commander, terrorists respond with rocket attacks

November 12, 2019 by  

The IDF early Tuesday morning targeted and eliminated senior Islamic Jihad commander Baha Abu al-Ata in the northern Gaza Strip. Read more

Israel ‘regrets’ Jordan’s reclaiming of enclaves on border

November 11, 2019 by  

Israel “regrets” Jordan’s decision to terminate the annexes to the 1994 peace agreement which leased two enclaves on the border to Israeli farmers, the Foreign Ministry stated Sunday. Read more

Israeli ambassador to UN calls for UNRWA’s shutdown, as its chief steps down

November 7, 2019 by  

Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations Danny (UN) Danon called for the shuttering of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) after the body publicized the preliminary findings of its probe into broad corruption among its leadership. Read more

Israel lauds new US sanctions on Iran, Hezbollah as ‘proper way to fight Iranian aggression’

October 31, 2019 by  

Israel welcomed the US’ announcement that it was levelling new sanctions against Hezbollah and Iranian entities linked to terrorism, saying it was “the proper way to fight Iranian aggression.”

Read more

IDF soldier convicted of illegally firing at rioter on Gaza border

October 31, 2019 by  

An IDF soldier was convicted earlier this week of illegally shooting at and killing a Gazan rioter during the weekly violent riots on the border with Israel. Read more

Nikki Haley ridicules Sanders’ Idea to transfer funds from Israel to Gaza as ‘unreal’

October 30, 2019 by  

Former US Ambassador to the United Nations (UN) Nikki Haley criticized Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders for suggesting that the US redirect funds from Israel to the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip, saying he “outdid himself” with his radical ideas. Read more

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