Suspect arrested for incitement in Facebook

September 6, 2017 Agencies
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The Israel Security Agency (ISA), in cooperation with the IDF, has arrested Muhammad al-Sawiti, a resident of Beit Awwa, on suspicion of incitement and support for a hostile organisation.

The suspect, who holds a senior position in the office of the head of Palestinian Preventive security in Jenin, recently posted on Facebook  extremist content including a direct call to carry out acts of violence against Jews and words of praise, admiration and support for acts of terrorism.

The suspect also posted photos of Adolf Hitler and Adolf Eichmann alongside expressions of longing for men like them.

It should be emphasised that online incitement, especially on social media, inflames passions and is liable to lead to acts of terrorism.

Al-Sawiti was  indicted for incitementin Judea Military Court on Monday.

The ISA will continue to act to neutralise and thwart online incitement to terrorism.



One Response to “Suspect arrested for incitement in Facebook”
  1. Leon Poddebsky says:

    No doubt Honest John Lyons will be springing to his defence on the ABC.